3 Myths About Botox You Should Know


The reputation that botox and other neurotoxins have in the market is not very favorable for them. When it comes to botox, the rumors are that of celebrities with frozen faces or quizzical brows, looking absolutely expressionless. The term toxin is itself a fearful word that makes people doubtful in the first place. We are in that era where people think several times even before putting anything even on the surface of their bodies. In that case, the idea of putting a neurotoxin in your body does in fact seem like a far-fetched idea. It has time and again been told by several experts on the record that this entire rumor is anything but the truth.

Botox is absolutely safe to be used by certified and experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons or plastic surgeons as they know the right dose. It becomes toxic for your body only when it is being given by noncertified surgeons who do not have the expertise in using the right amount.  However, there are certain myths that you need to be aware of when thinking of getting a botox. Read on to find out.

Botox is Not a Wrinkle Remover

If you are thinking of getting botox, because you heard from someone that your existing wrinkles would magically vanish, then you’ve got it all wrong. When you are opting for botox Charlotte NC, know that it is not a magic potion that reverses your aging. Botox freezes your muscles from further wrinkling but the fine lines and wrinkles that are already there, won’t be erased or removed. Botox acts as a preventative and not a restorative component. It helps you to only freeze the contraction of the muscles that bring wrinkles and deepens the lines on your face.

It is Not Permanent

This is another myth that is rather popular is that botox lasts indefinitely. Whether you have heard this from someone you know or have assumed it, it is nothing but a myth.  The average age of a botox for the lines between your eyebrows, forehead and lateral crows lasts for three to four months. Experts say that the time period of botox retention also depends on the different patients as well. If you are one who loves to exercise or is very expressive, then your botox intake will last a maximum of three months. That being said, to know about this in detail, researching “cosmetic surgery near me” and visiting a well reputed expert in this field is something you can do.

A Painless Experience

Anything that involves a needle gives but a little pain. The fact that you should know is that botox treatment or any cosmetic surgery NC, is never not painful, at least in the beginning. Botox application is to be done on your face; it is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. This is the reason why some might feel the pain more than others. If you are going to get your first botox, do remember that you will feel a certain amount of pain for a maximum time period of half an hour. 

You should also be prepared for a sound of the substances entering through your skin. It might be disturbing for some, especially if it is your first. But do not worry, for it is neither unnatural or long-lasting. You will get the sound for a few microseconds. To ease the pain of the injection, you could apply ice to your face, especially on the areas around the injection point.

It is only natural for you to be scared about getting your first botox. However, Oral and maxillofacial surgeons in facilities like Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery explains everything about the procedure, and how should you prepare yourself forit. It is wise to not believe in the rumors flying around and ask your specialist about everything you want to know in detail. Afterall, you will be the one to get the surgery. Read more solutions and guides on health care sols.

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