5 Benefits For Elderly To Book Appointment For Home Collection Of Blood Sample

Home Collection Of Blood Sample

Whether you have a common viral or a serious medical condition blood test is always required. For testing blood, collection of blood samples needed to be done, where people have to visit the label. But, visiting the labs is not feasible for everyone, especially the elderly people who have to go through a lot. This Is why nowadays, the blood home collection is becoming much more popular among people. With such a service, elderly people can easily give their blood samples for testing while sitting in the comfort of their house without any need to visit the lab. 

These tests could also determine whether or not a person has lipid issues or suffering from coronary heart disease. Diagnostic facilities typically conduct blood tests as part of their services. The taking of blood samples at home, on the other hand, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years due to the numerous benefits associated with the practice. Here are a few benefits of home collection service for elderly people that you must know about- 

1. No more travelling

Here’s how blood home collection can help elderly people

To begin, our laboratory experts can come exclusively to your home, saving you the time, energy, & money needed to travel to a patient service facility. Our services can be of particular use to those who are elderly, those who have physical issues that prohibit them from travelling easily, those who have severe illnesses, as well as anyone else who might find it challenging to get to a clinic or lab for blood tests. A person who is unable to travel or who does not own a vehicle may need to make transportation arrangements on their own or pay for them. Then, the time spent checking in, waiting to be seen, as well as suddenly gaining blood drawn can add up to a total of several hours. So if the labs aren’t open during a patient’s schedule, then performing blood tests might result in the patient losing earnings. All of these variables might have a role in a patient’s decision to avoid going to the laboratory.

2. Anxious Patients

It is common for patients to experience anxiety or uneasiness while they are hospitalized; as a result, patients may experience panic episodes or fits. They do not feel it would be beneficial for them to visit a diagnostic clinic. Elderly people who are not so good at crowded places start feeling anxious when they have to be around so many people can really use the help of blood home collection. A home collection service will take the blood sample from home while helping people with anxiety or stress. You can easily call and book such services either over the call or online. 

3. At-Home with the highest standard

Our team of technicians has more than a decade of expertise in the field of phlebotomy, which enables them to deliver the very same level of attention that you might obtain at a blood sample home collection center while also adding a more personalized touch to their service. We will always do all in our power to give our patients with care that is not just professional but also sensitive and discreet. Whether you are ordering blood testing as an individual or even as part of a group, we can cultivate an environment that is warm and welcoming, all the while providing you with the tools necessary to take charge of your health.

4. There is no crowd

Because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, people are now more inclined to avoid circumstances in which there is an increased danger of infectious disease transmission. It may be difficult to provide adequate treatment for patients who want to err on the side of caution if they are required to use the public transport system to a lab or have to wait in such an overcrowded reception area.

5. Ease of home

With age, people become much more typical in terms of spending their time; most people like their own space. Older people like to stay in their homes where they are comfortable, and going outside, particularly to medical facilities, makes them uneasy. This is where blood home collection is proven as the best solution. You can just book the appointment, and the expert will visit your house to take the sample while making the older person feel safe and comfortable at home. 


Blood home collection is a revolutionary step, and especially when we witnessed Covid-19, it became much more essential. With this facility, people do not have to wait in line or even invest their time in travelling. You can just either call or go online to book the appointment, and the blood home collection service will be standing at your door. 

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