5 Benefits of Dietary Proteins to Know About

Dietary Proteins

Have you ever being advise to eat more protein because you want to lose weight?

I am sure you have. This is probably one of the most recommended uses of protein. Protein is an important biomolecule that is a part of our diet. Just like carbs and fats, proteins play many different roles in our bodies. 

Yes, proteins are one of the key performers in our body in all forms. So, sufficient protein consumption is important for your overall health. Not only this but the deficiency of protein in our body can lead to different medical conditions such as moderate anemia. 

I remember when my sister was severely underweight and weak we took her to the best doctors in Lahore and after multiple reports and clinical examinations she was found to be protein deficient. This is the only thing that a lack of protein in our diet can do.

Biological Role of Protein

To understand how difficult protein deficiency can be to deal with, let’s look at some of the biological roles of protein in the human body. 

  • Proteins in the form of enzymes tend to regulate many biological reactions in the human body. These enzymes are known to catalyze all the reactions in our body and keep our system going
  • Protein is crucial for our muscular development and their normal movements because our muscles are composed of protein subunits
  • Other than this, protein plays the role of transportation of molecules within the human body
  • Different structures in our body such as hair and nails are compose of only protein
  • Even the immune system products i.e., antibodies are also proteins in nature that are responsible for our body’s ability to fight the invaders and prevent infections
  • Signalling molecules that are involved transmission of messages from one part of the body to another are also proteins in nature
  • All the hormones in our body are also proteins in nature that are crucial for performing and maintaining body functions in our body.

All these important roles of protein make it a right addition to our everyday routine. According to the doctors from the best hospitals in Lahore, the requirement of protein in our diet can vary from person to person. 

Health Benefits of Dietary Protein

Now let’s talk about some of the health benefits of dietary proteins.

1- Weight loss

The association between weight loss and protein consumption can’t be denied. There are many ways in which protein helps us to shed extra pounds and achieve our desired body weight. Protein makes us feel full for a longer period which means it reduces hunger. Less hunger means less calorie consumption which is directly related to your weight loss progress.

It also helps to suppress late-night cravings and is essential for people who are trying to build muscles. That’s the reason you see them consuming protein powders etc.

2- Good for bone health

Next on the list of benefits of protein comes its role in better bone health. Though you might have heard the opposite, protein helps you to have stronger bones. Many scientific studies support this claim that protein, especially animal protein can help to retain bone density as your body ages. Other than this, it also reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

3- Control blood pressure

We are already aware of what high blood pressure can do to our bodies. Right?

It increases our risk of suffering from heart-related conditions as well as chronic diseases. However, the consumption of enough protein in our diet can help to keep our blood pressure low as well as reduce the level of bad cholesterol in our bodies.

4- Good for your metabolism

Another benefit of a protein-rich diet is its role in healthy metabolism. Yes, a healthy metabolism helps you to process food quickly and helps to regulate the process of nutrient absorption in our body. There are many other ways to do it but protein consumption can be good to boost your body’s metabolism.

5- Helps body repair

Our bodies go through wear and tear processes daily. Though capable of healing itself, our body needs support from different components in your body. Protein being the functional element in our body can help us with the recovery process fast.

Bottom Line!

Protein is an important molecule in our body that is known to perform many different roles in our body. Everyone among us requires different amounts of protein in our diet based on our body functioning, age, weight and height.

You can get these proteins from both animal and plant sources. Organ meat, poultry, lentils, and beans are some of the best sources of protein you can rely upon. You can even find protien supplements in the market. However, with protein make sure to intake all other important nutrients as well to improve your overall health.

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