5 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety In Public Spaces

5 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety In Public Spaces

Having anxiety in public places can be debilitating. When you let your fear of being in public affect you, even completing the simplest daily tasks can feel like a nightmare. A single panic attack can worsen your fears, as you’ll feel even more uncomfortable the next time you go out. If you want to avoid a vicious cycle, anxiety medication over the counter and calming techniques are the key.

Focus On Your Breathing

Breathing is the simplest activity you can do. This is why meditations often tell you to count or otherwise observe your breath. When you start to panic, just bring your attention back to your breath. The less you dwell on your worries or fears, the better.

To start incorporating this technique in public, you must first practice it in a safe space. Research meditation videos or instructionals until you are confident in your ability to control your awareness.

Get To A Safe Space

Fleeing in the midst of an anxiety attack can worsen your problem, but there’s absolutely no harm in taking a breather. Whether you duck into a bathroom or take a walk outside, finding safe places can let you restore your calm. Make sure that you’re fully relaxed before returning to a more chaotic environment and try to bring some of your calm with you.

Bring a Friend Along

Having a trusted friend along can make almost anything easier. This is because you can tell your friend what fears or concerns you are experiencing. A good partner can exude a sense of calm and understanding, and this can let you know that there’s nothing to be afraid of. You’ll also know that, should anything bad somehow really happen, you won’t be alone.

Try OTC Anxiety Medication

A lot of prescription medications come with unpleasant or downright concerning side effects. OTC calming meds can bring your nervous system back into balance without completely altering your brain chemistry.

Some people think of medications as a crutch for anxiety problems, but the opposite is true. Once you’ve successfully gotten yourself through a scary environment, it will be far easier to do it again. After a few times, you may find yourself forgetting your fears entirely.

Practice Visualization

Visualization is a powerful but often-overlooked technique for dealing with fears. To visualize your success, you must find a safe place, such as a bedroom or living room. From your place, imagine yourself doing whatever you’re afraid of.

Try to picture the environment in as much detail as possible. Think of the sights, sounds, and smells you’ll experience. Imagine the whole experience from the time you enter to the time you leave. If you’ve done things properly, you’ll probably feel a little uncomfortable. This is a good thing because it works like a kind of trial run that you can do as many times as you like.

Having a fear of being in public can be tough, but with the right coping techniques, you can move past it. Look into OTC anxiety medication for children and adults, and practice meditation regularly.

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