What are backrests For Beds? Everything you need to know

Backrests for beds help give redundant support to those who need to be propped up in bed. They can be acclimated to a preferred angle. 

Types of backrests for beds

Bed Back Rest 

This bed back rest is a simple support, a pillow supplement, to allow the stoner to sit up comfortably in bed. The angle is malleable and the frame folds for storehouse 

 Birling Bed Back Rest 

The Birling Bed Back Rest by Aidapt is a bedroom aid that’s height malleable to help druggies gain a lesser position of comfort in bed. 

 Malleable Back Support 

The Malleable Backrests for beds provides perfect back support while sitting up in bed. The rest can be acclimated to six different positions for the stoner’s comfort and helps to maintain a good posture. 

Backrests for beds. How to choose the right one?

Backrests for beds

Have you ever noticed this interesting detail: the headboard can completely change the look of the entire bedroom? An ordinary bed, coupled with a fantastic headboard, can give a fantastic effect, a bedroom can be transformed!

This effect is connected with the fact that the bed in your bedroom is the center of the room, and the headboard of the bed focuses your eyes, so when you enter the bedroom, the first thing you pay attention to is the bed and its back ! We can play on this!

1. When choosing a bed and headboard, you must remember the size of your bedroom.

You should understand that a king size bed with the same large headboard will instantly “eat up” part of your bedroom space . Remember proportions!

2. When choosing a headboard for your bed, be original and creative.

When it comes to headboard designs, use all your imagination! The back can be covered with fabric, leather. Make it out of wood and decorate with carvings or wrought iron. You can place a large photograph of the city at night above the headboard, which will simulate a window. Ideas for decorating and creating a headboard for the bed – the sea!

3. The height of the ceiling is very important when choosing a headboard for the bed.

height of the ceiling is very important when choosing a headboard for the bed

With low ceilings, a high back will look ugly and visually reduce the height of the room, “pressing” from above. With high ceilings, the back can be taller and more massive.

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4. The headboard should not be too distracted from the overall picture of the bedroom.

The purpose of the backrests for beds is to support your pillow and head, plus it focuses your attention, which is why many designers use it to add new ideas and colors to the bedroom.

If the interior of your bedroom is dominated by light romantic colors and materials, then the headboard of your bed should be just as light and not embossed. Soft colors and materials bring tranquility to this backrest and your bedroom.

Using the tips given above, bedroom furniture catalogs, you can easily determine which headboard you need.

Advantages & disadvantages of backrests for beds:

Advantages & disadvantages of backrests for beds

Having a high headboard offers many of the benefits of a bed. Such furniture seems to be of better quality, more reliable. The headboard acts as additional protection for your back from the cold wall. It is convenient to lean a pillow on it. In general, the advantages are much greater than the disadvantages. The only task of the buyer is to choose the ideal bed option for his interior.

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The range of such furniture is very wide, so it was not easy to select only three positions for review. On the All Prices website, we have selected several of the most popular options for different designs.

Halmar Samara

The Samara Halmar bed is a stylish decoration for modern interiors. The upholstered headboard made of leatherette with a carriage fit perfectly complements the laconic base of the furniture. Such a product is both practical, affordable and attractive. The headboard material is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about stubborn stains. Leatherette also does not absorb odors. The frame is made of natural wood. The lamellar bottom is an excellent base for a mattress with good ventilation and an orthopedic effect. The color of the bed is presented in an assortment, so it will not be difficult to find the perfect furniture for the interior.

Dimensions: 1630x2150x940 mm

Sleeping place: 1600×2000 mm

Material: wood + leatherette

Mattress base: slats

Average price – 333.54$

Estella Venice

Bed Venice has a fairly versatile design. It will look organic in both classic and modern bedrooms. The material for creating furniture is a beech board. You can also order solid wood furniture, but the price will be more expensive. It is an environmentally friendly and natural material that ensures the strength of the frame. The base made of lamellas can have a different “pitch” – 8, 4 and 2.5 cm. The standard price includes a distance of 8 cm. Bent-glued lamellas are also made of beech plywood.

Dimensions: 1630x2150x940 mm

Sleeping place: 1600×2000 mm

Material: beech + leatherette

Mattress base: slats

Average price – 333.54 $

Eagle Briz Lift

The modern design of the Eagle Briz Lift bed is equipped with a lifting mechanism. A massive two-block headboard has been added to enhance the look. It has a carriage coupler. The solid frame is covered with eco-leather. As a result, the base and the high back are perfectly matched to each other. The lamellas are lifted on gas shock absorbers. There is a niche for storing linen under the mattress. The material for the mattress is high quality chipboard. Beds with backs differ not only in the material, but also in the base. Better to choose lamellas.

Dimensions: 1740x2130x1020 mm

Sleeping place: 1600×2000 mm

Material: chipboard + eco-leather

Mattress base: slats

Lifting mechanism and linen niche

Average price – 311.10 $


In terms of functionality, the Eagle Briz Lift is the best option as it has a linen niche. At the same time, the price of furniture is not the highest from the review. The only drawback is that the frame material is chipboard. The rest of the models use beech, it is stronger and more durable.

Have you already created or decorated the backrests? Then tell us about it!

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