Banana for weight loss: benefits and harms

Banana is considered not only a tasty and healthy fruit, the product contains a large amount of substances beneficial to the body. There is a stereotype about its high energy value, which is why many refuse the fruit during diets. This is not entirely true. Nutritionists have developed several. Banana for weight loss – based diets that can help you lose a few pounds in a relatively short time.

Beneficial features

The product is notable for its satiety, after using it, the feeling of hunger disappears for a long time. A large number of useful properties are due to the rich composition of the fruit, it is thanks to this that the need for snacks between main meals disappears.

Useful properties of the product:

  1. a surge of strength and energy;
  2. improving the functioning of the digestive tract;
  3. elimination of toxins, toxins, excess fluid;
  4. increasing concentration of attention, improving brain activity;
  5. getting rid of stress, raising the mood;
  6. improving the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, lowering blood pressure;
  7. getting rid of excess weight;
  8. normalization of blood cholesterol;
  9. getting rid of harmful bacteria in the digestive organs;
  10. preventing heartburn.

Content of vitamins and minerals

With proper use of the fetus, you can achieve weight loss, this effect is associated with its unique composition.


  • potassium;
  • pectins;
  • coarse dietary fiber;
  • cellulose;
  • carbohydrates;
  • B vitamins;
  • vitamins C, E;
  • beta-carotene;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • sodium;
  • magnesium;
  • serotonin.

When to eat bananas

Due to the large amount of carbohydrates in the product, bananas are recommended for weight loss in the morning, one fruit will fill you with energy until the evening. Before lunch, metabolism is faster than after, which allows you to avoid gaining extra calories. The product can be used as snacks and for an afternoon snack. Combinations with other products should be avoided, it is important to observe an interval of 30-40 minutes.

After training

Fruit is considered a great post-workout snack. Fast carbohydrates allow you to saturate the body with glucose, which provides a quick replenishment of energy. Glycogen helps prevent muscle breakdown.

Is it possible to eat fruit at night

Many are interested in whether it is possible to eat fruit in the evening, whether this option is allowed with proper nutrition. It is not recommended to eat them in the evening, the product is considered heavy food for this time of day. During a weight loss diet, light food should be preferred. Diet curds, kefir, a glass of tea with honey are considered a substitute for fruit.

Banana diet for weight loss

The composition of the fruit can contribute to weight loss, provided that the norm is observed. Potassium accelerates the excretion of salts from the body, which ensures elimination of excess fluid and edema. With a high content of natural sugars, the glycemic index of the product is quite low, which also allows avoiding excess weight gain. Dietary fiber, pectins, cellulose are useful for intestinal motility, due to them, the elimination of toxins from the intestines is ensured. A small amount of fat also does not harm the figure. The duration of the diet does not exceed a week, during this period you can get rid of 3-7 kg.

Boiled banana for weight loss

The benefits of the fruit pulp are known to everyone, few know about the beneficial properties of the skin. It can be eaten fresh, boiled and baked. The peel helps to improve digestion, eliminate toxins, and improve peristalsis.

Banana decoction is recommended for weight loss, the inside is not recommended. The peel decoction can be used alone or as a supplement to smoothies. The peel must be thrown into boiling water and cooked for 10 minutes. It is recommended to replace one meal with a liquid, the recipe can also be used when leaving the diet.

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Banana diet for 3 days

If you need to get rid of a few pounds, it is recommended to use a three-day diet. The option involves the use of 3 fruits and 3 glasses of kefir or milk. The food is divided into three meals, during the breaks it is planned to drink distilled water. Dinner should be scheduled no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

Banana diet for 7 days

Bananas for weight loss within 7 days will help get rid of a few pounds. The diet should also include water without restrictions and unsweetened green tea, if necessary. Strong hunger will help drown out 50 g of boiled beef, 1 tbsp. porridge, coffee. It should be borne in mind that it will be possible to achieve weight loss only if the diet is strictly adhered to.

Banana milk diet

Bananas for a weight loss diet in combination with milk will help you lose 3 kg. On the first day, it is allowed to eat 9 bananas and 3 liters of milk. On the second day, the portions are reduced by a third, 2 fruits and 2 liters of milk should be divided by 3 times. On the third day, the rate is halved, you can eat 1 fruit and 1 liter of milk per day. The menu may include water and green tea.

Calorie content and composition of the product

Many people are frightened by the high calorie content of the product, although with moderate physical activity this effect is easily neutralized. If you need to increase muscle mass, more calories are allowed. The energy value of a product depends on its ripeness. The calorie content of unripe fruits is 87 kcal, the same figure for ripe fruits reaches 102 kcal, for dried fruits – 340 kcal.

Nutritional value of the fruit

100 g of the product contains 1.5 g of proteins, 21 g of carbohydrates, 500 mg of fat.


Some recipes with fruit in the composition allow you to reduce the calorie content of dishes, achieve weight loss.

Banana Carrot Salad Recipe

Mix 1 grated carrot, sliced ​​fruit, pour the mixture with low-fat yogurt, add black pepper.

Banana and Apple Oatmeal Recipe

Grind 50 g of peeled apple into pieces, cut 1 fruit into circles, boil 50 g of oatmeal. Put the porridge on a plate, sprinkle it with chopped food on top, add cinnamon and honey.

Slimming cottage cheese with banana

The diet involves a combination of days when it is recommended to eat fruit and cottage cheese alternately. In 4 days it is possible to get rid of 3 kg of excess weight.


  • 1, 3 days – for breakfast and dinner 150 g of cottage cheese, 1 grapefruit, lunch – 100 g of cottage cheese, a little melon;
  • 2, 4 days – for breakfast – 1 tbsp. milk, 1 banana, lunch – 1 fruit, 1 boiled egg, dinner – 2 fruits, 200 g of boiled chicken breast.

Kefir with banana for weight loss

The diet is recommended for those who cannot drink milk. Its duration reaches a week. Combining such a diet with exercise will allow you to get rid of 5 kg of excess weight. The diet should include up to 5 fruits and 1 liter of one percent kefir, the number of meals should not exceed 5. During breaks, you can drink clean water.

Dairy products for weight loss

The diet is quite tasty and satisfying, monotony is considered its main drawback. It is recommended to use ripe yellow bananas and 1.5% milk for cooking. In 3 days, you can get rid of a pound. This is an excellent tool for maintaining shape, 2 times 3 days of diet per month allows you to put yourself in order.

Whisk 1 liter of skim milk with 3 bananas. The cocktail must be divided into 3 parts, drunk for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During breaks, we are allowed to drink water and green tea.

Diet bread

Diet breads also go well with fruits, the calorie content of 100 g exceeds 200 kcal, but 1 piece weighs only 10 g.

Oatmeal with banana for weight loss

Oatmeal is considered a useful product, they not only contribute to weight loss, their use activates digestion processes. They are included in smoothies that help satisfy hunger. Oatmeal goes well with the product; when using them, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • daily use of 5 tbsp. a cocktail with ground oatmeal when avoiding other products;
  • when cooking, use only ripe fruits;
  • it is recommended to eat a drink with a small spoon, which will allow you to quickly achieve a feeling of fullness;
  • the duration of the diet should not exceed a week;
  • Other fruits can be added to the cocktail.

Compatibility with other products

Banana belongs to the category of sweet foods, it goes well with dried fruits, figs, persimmons, dates, dairy products, cream and nuts. Combining the product with milk should be avoided, this will help to avoid unpleasant consequences.


Due to the high sugar content, bananas are not the best choice for adherents of a low-carb diet – one banana will make up 30-40% of acceptable carbohydrates per day.

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