Best Nihari in Lahore

Best Nihari in Lahore

Nihari is one of the popular and favorite dishes among Pakistanis whether Punjabi, Sindhi, or Balochi, it is equally popular. Eating a plate of the best nihari in Lahore makes the day fresh and enjoyable. Historically, Nihari is rooted back to the Indian Subcontinent and it consists of slow cooked beef shank or mutton. Chicken nihari is also eaten with relish. If you are in Punjab, you need to choose your best city to enjoy. I recommend eating your best Waris nihari in Lahore. Below are given 7 places for best nihari Lahore.

1. Waris Nihari Lahore

Casa Waris Nihari is located at New Anarkali Road Lahore. This is one of the best known places for its delicious nihari. You will always find it on the best top recommendations from locals. And if you browse on Google, the best nihari in Lahore.”, you will discover it as the best of nihari Lahore. Waris Nihari menu includes several types of the most delicious nihari. The special and best Waris nihari menu consists of beef nihari, mutton nihari and bong nihari. And you also get a delicious chicken nihari on the menu.

2. Muhammadi Nihari Lahore

Second most famous nihari restaurant is Muhammadi Nihari Lahore. This Muhammadi nihari house provides a large variety of nihari in Lahore as well as in other cities also. Muhammadi Nihari House menu includes: beef and chicken plain nihari, nali fry beef nihari, beef maghaz nihari and one special fry beef nihari. This best nihari is located in Khayaban and Jinnah in Lahore, Pakistan.

Muhammadi Nihari in Lahore

3: Haji Sahib Nihari Waly

Haji Sahib Nihari Waly serves various Asian Cuisines in Lahore. Haji Sahib is famous for his delicious nihari located at Jail Road, Lahore. Haji Sahib Nihari Waly is the oldest restaurant of best nihari in Lahore. The prices of its nihari are quite reasonable and its nihari is rich in taste and spicy.

4: Monal Nihari Lahore

Monal Nhari restaurant is located in Park and Ride Plaza, Liberty Roundabout, Lahore. Moral restaurant is already popular for its buffet and its quality of food, it serves Nihari beef which is worth considering to eat this best nihari in Lahore.

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5: Dogar Lahore restaurant

Dogar Nihari restaurant is located in DHA Phase 1. Dogar nihari menu offers a wide range of different dishes and cuisines. It is famous for its tasty and delicious breakfast, nihari. The nihari of Dogar restaurant is one of the best nihari in Lahore in terms of its taste and quantity. 

6: Chit Chaat

Best Nihari in Lahore

Chit Chaat restaurant is located at Jail Road Lahore. This restaurant provides local street food with accessible, hygienic and healthy menu food. They provide relish nihari at reasonable prices. The restaurant is good both for the quality of food and its environment. Chit Chaat restaurant plans to brand local food with a slogan of ” Mere Des Ka Fast Food”.

7: Capri

Capri is located near Bundu Khan, in commercial area 34, Lahore. This restaurant provides the best quality food. They provide food at reasonable prices. On weekends you have to reserve a good seat early in the morning otherwise you may miss out on this tasty, relish and delicious breakfast.

You’re all caught up. These are the seven best nihari in Lahore of which Waris Nihari and Muhammad Nihari in Lahore are on our top list and in addition to nihari they also provide delicious, healthy and accessible food services at reasonable prices.

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