Bhunamanasana Benefits and What is it?

Bhunamanasana Benefits

Bhunamanasana is an extremely twisting type of yoga asana famous in India and often described in the popular Hath Yoga Text. The word “Bhunamanasana” is basically an amalgamation of three Sanskrit words, which are

  • “Bhu” – Earth
  • “Namana” – Greet
  • “Asana” – Pose

Bhunamanasana = Greeting the Earth Pose

From the combination of these three, the literal translation of this famous yoga asana in English relates to “Greeting the Earth Pose,” somehow also commonly taken as “Spinal Twist Prostration Pose.”

Apart from various health benefits of Bhunamanasana, practicing this kind of yoga remarkably develops a unique sense of submission to Mother Earth. In addition to that, this asana pose significantly serves as a preparatory pose for several other advanced poses like Matsyendrasana and Ardha. In this article, you will get to know the complete details of Bhunamanasana benefits, steps, uses, contraindications, and many more.

Introduction to Bhunamanasana

Do you know why people call Earth Mother Earth? That is primarily because we are born here, live our lives, and ultimately die here too. That indicates the Earth takes very well care of us just like a mother as it gives us food for eating, shelter for living and a place to live our lives.

So, we all need to pay massive respect to the Earth as we respect our mothers. The famous International Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world, particularly in India, to pay respect and honor to the Earth through Bhunamanasana.

Bhunamanasana is also known as Earth Yoga Pose as you pay homage to Mother Earth while performing various exercises. Additionally, this asana yoga holds massive value as it helps us connect with our motherland responsible for our feeding and living.

Furthermore, this yoga physical pose also makes the body active and strong both mentally and physically while enhancing the emotional connection with the Earth. Now let’s know and learn the Bhunamanasana steps of yoga asana to get maximum Bhunamanasana benefits.

What is Bhunamanasana? Why is it famous in India?

Translated from a combination of three Sanskrit words and meaning “Greeting the Earth,” the very well-known Bhunamanasana is somehow considered to be a traditional Hatha Yoga Posture in India. It is also famously known as “Spinal Twist Prostration Pose” in various Indian cities.

It is defined as a seated asana, in which the back spine of the human body is twisted in a particular effort to reach the entire torso to the floor behind. That too with the palms and face facing down. Practicing such a natural pose thus creates a sense of surrendering down to Mother Earth.

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What happens in Bhunamanasana?

As already discussed, Bhunamanasana is a famous traditional Hatha Indian Yoga Pose. That indicates that in this exercise, a person sits in a position with the upper body bending forwards to touch the ground while the legs extend straight on both sides and greet the mother Earth.

You may evaluate how challenging this yoga asana pose may be from this description. But as you know, practice makes a man perfect. Upon doing this yoga exercise every day, not only will you perfectly perform this posture. But also, over time, your body will become more sturdy, strong and flexible than ever before.

Thus, with each upcoming day of regular practice, you will come closer and closer to nature and Mother Earth. And ultimately, you will become strong both physically and soulfully.

Interesting Facts of Bhunamanasana

  1. The Bhunamanasana yoga is tricky, but generally, its practice gradually makes it a bit easy.
  2. Women and young girls have more flexible bodies, so they perform Bhunamanasana much better than boys and men.
  3. Almost every one of us can get Bhunamanasana yoga benefits despite age and gender.
  4. You must include this remarkable Bhunamanasana in your daily routine to quickly get the most of it.
  5. After performing Bhunamanasana, one may consume some milk with a pinch of turmeric to feel better and relaxed.

Longest Recorded Bhunamanasana Yoga Performance

The mysterious world record of performing the most prolonged Bhunamanasana yoga has been recently achieved by an 11 years old boy named Lakshya Maheshwari at Bits International School in Bhiwani, Haryana, India.

On 20th June 2019, the son of Mr. Rajesh and Ms. Chandani named Lakshya performed Greeting the Earth, Bhunamanasana Pose, for almost three hours and thirty seconds (3H 30sec). That made a record and the youngest Bhunamanasana achiever worldwide.

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How to do Bhunamanasana?

Initial Practice

  • Try to sit with straight legs out
  • Keep your back relaxed and straight as much as you can
  • Regularly rest your hands on your thighs
  • Do inhaling practice that raises straight arms precisely to the front shoulders’ height
  • While exhaling, try to maintain your back straight
  • Learn to tilt the upper body in a slightly backward direction and twist on the left side
  • Do practice of keeping your both hands on the back floor behind the entire body
  • Try bending the arms slightly and at the same time bringing the forehead towards the floor in front.
  • Take care that your body and legs must form a straight line
  • Your right buttock must remain as nearer to the ground as possible
  • Again, inhale fresh air while keeping your arms straight out at the front
  • Exhale air back to return to your initial starting position
  • Repeat this for the left side too

Practice each one of these Bhunamanasana steps every day thrice on each side. And then, in the last round, breath typically while remaining in the twisted position. The practice is done. Now you are ready to perform the Greeting the Earth pose and get various Bhunamanasana yoga benefits.

Step by Step Procedure of how to do Bhunamanasana

  1. First of all, spread your yoga mat on a flat surface and sit on it.
  2. While sitting, keep your back in an upright position and outstretch your legs straight out on both sides.
  3. Next, please keep your hands on your thighs and let them relax fully.
  4. Now inhale fresh air and extend out your arms parallel with both legs.
  5. Slightly twist your right side and keep the palms adjacent to the right hip.
  6. Slowly move the right-hand palm back further behind your body while pointing the fingers in the backward direction.
  7. Then slowly exhale the breathed air while bending the torso and bringing your forehead slightly closer to the floor.
  8. Close both the hands placed behind your body while keeping your back spine as straight as possible
  9. Now hold this final Bhunamanasana pose for quite a short time.
  10. At this time, you can either retain the pose for a short interval or breath out. It is better to hold the pose and then breathe normally afterward.
  11. In addition, while staying in the ultimate Bhunamanasana yoga pose, try your best to keep both your buttocks on the floor mat.
  12. Then exhale the air and return to your primary position.

That all completed one single round of your right-side body. Repeat all the above-given Bhunamanasana steps on the left-side body as well. Regularly train your body with this asana yoga for up to 3 rounds for most Bhunamanasana benefits, and then relax your body with Anandasana.

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Bhunamanasana Sequence

You can frequently perform this great asana exercise after completing an entire series of both forward and backward bending to Mother Earth. Alternatively, people can also achieve this yoga posture after sitting for an extended period while being in the meditation posture.

Precautions of Bhunamanasana

  1. People suffering from a lumbar spine injury or spondylitis must not perform Bhunamanasana.
  2. Individuals suffering from
  • Heart diseases
  • High BP
  • Sacrum
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Slipped disc problems
  • Sciatica
  • Migraine
  • Hernia patients
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Sacral infection and many more are usually suggested to avoid Bhunamanasana.
  1. Last but not least, menstruating girls and pregnant women should first seek guidance and advice from a gynecologist before practicing Bhunamanasana.


If Bhunamanasana causes shoulder pain to someone, then they may place their one elbow on the floor instead of directing leaning on the ground. In severe cases, Bhunamanasana should be avoided to prevent slipped discs. In addition, after Bhunamanasana, people are usually suggested to do Anandasana, another yoga posture, to get their body muscles relaxed.

Several Health Benefits of Bhunamanasana

Bhunamanasana somehow seems to be a bit difficult yoga exercise. But as soon as you practice it, you get a grip over it and then you will be able to reap most advantages that no other asana posture can ever give you.

Below are some of the significant Bhunamanasana benefits to motivate you to try it. That Greeting the Earth yoga posture remarkably;

  1. Strengthens the lumbar muscles of the spine and backbone
  2. Increases overall flexibility of the bodies
  3. Gives strength to the entire thoracic spine, including even the upper back
  4. Improves the arrangement and alignment of muscles surrounding the hips
  5. Provides strength to the muscles around the ribcage while twisting the spine
  6. Makes your shoulders and neck flexible enough to move around
  7. Enhance the bodily functions and performance of vital body organs
  8. Strengthen the quadriceps muscles situated around the leg’s region
  9. Improves and enhances the process of digestion
  10. Reduce extra body fat accumulated on different body parts
  11. Increases the functionality of liver
  12. Opens up the Aina Chakra, also known as third eye Chakra
  13. Regulated the various functions of the thyroid gland and hormones released from it
  14. Stimulate the nerves or the entire nervous system
  15. Improve and treat the sluggish, fatty liver condition
  16. Loosens up the waistline and make it highly flexible while maintaining mobility
  17. Makes the lower half of the body much more attractive than ever before
  18. Used to treat various urinary tract issues
  19. This yoga pose significantly helps breathe fresh air and stay radiant all the time
  20. Somehow, it is also great for curing Hemorrhoids and many more.

Bhunamanasana Yoga Benefits FAQS

What is Bhunamanasana?

Bhunamanasana is a famous Indian asana yoga pose that means Greeting to Mother Earth. In this posture, the entire body of a human being bows down to the Earth to pay honor and homage while strengthening body muscles physically and getting relaxed from worldly worries mentally.

How is Bhunamanasana Yoga Done?

The step-by-step procedure of getting maximum Bhunamanasana benefits is explained in the article above. You may find it a bit difficult initially, but you will get comfortable with it as soon as you start practicing it daily.

Does Bhunamanasana Control Glands of Human Bodies?

Yes, this asana yoga poses controls the body glands to some extent, particularly the glands related to the genitals of human beings.

For How Long This Bhunamanasana Should Be Practiced?

Generally, it is recommended to stay in the final Bhunamanasana posture for as long as time as much possible. And after completing three rounds, you may perform Anandasana to relax your body.

Who gets the most Bhunamanasana Benefits?

Most dancers get the most out of Bhunamanasana yoga because, in this posture, the lower parts like thighs, hips, and waist become more flexible during constant practice.

Who Should Not Do Bhunamanasana?

Individuals with complex genital problems, high blood pressure, and spine issues aur usually not suggested to perform Bhunamanasana. At the same time, all others can do it under the appropriate supervision without any significant worries.

When Can Bhunamanasana Be Done?

Bhunamanasana can be practiced daily anytime, anywhere, whenever you feel comfortable. There is no such restriction of place and time. However, it is best to perform in the early morning and in an open environment with fresh air to inhale and exhale during this yoga.

Additionally, keep in mind that there must be a gap of at least 5-6 hours between your regular meals and Bhunamanasana exercises.

Should Bhunamanasana Be Done During Menstruation or Pregnancy?

No Bhunamanasana is never recommended during menstruation days for ladies. At the same time, pregnant women can somehow practice it during the initial months of pregnancy and discontinue it later under the proper guidance and supervision of a reliable gynecologist.

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