Breast Lift Surgery to Correct Sagging Breasts

Breast Lift Surgery

breast lift surgery is a surgical procedure that repairs uneven and/or drooping breasts, making them firmer and perkier by removing surplus skin from the breast. The procedure is also able to fix stretched areolas, as well as plump up decreased breast volume.

This procedure can be performed along with breast enlargement or breast reduction surgery. The surgery requires removing the stretched, excess skin, elevating the nipple and areola to a forward-facing position, and reshaping the breast tissue, which offers a better contour to the breast.

There are some relevant things to consider before you undergo breast lift surgery:

  • The surgery does not remarkably change the size of your breasts or round out the upper part of your breast. If you want to increase or decrease your breast size considerably you should consider either breast augmentation surgery or breast reduction surgery.
  • Before undergoing breast lift surgery, it is advised to wait until complete breast development, childbirth and breastfeeding have concluded.
  • Even though breasts of any size can be lifted through this procedure, the outcome may not be as long-lasting in women having heavier breasts.

Types of Breast Lift Techniques

Breast lift surgery is a highly individualized procedure and may not be suitable for everyone. The best breast lift technique for you will be dependent on the state of your breasts and your goals.

Each method has its distinct benefits, it’s essential to be familiar with the alternatives you have before deciding on undergoing the procedure.

Lollipop Breast Lift Technique

Also known as a vertical breast lift technique, it is one of the most effective techniques for reducing breast sagging and providing a long-lasting natural result. Dr Doyle prefers this technique owing to the longevity of the outcome and the natural aesthetic looks of the results.

For this procedure two incisions are made, one that encircles the areola and the other extending from the areola to the lower natural crease of the breast. As the incisions form a lollipop like structure, it is termed as a lollipop breast lift. It is suitable for moderately sagging breasts.

Advantages of a lollipop breast lift:

  • Natural breast lift results, giving excellent projection and a youthful breast appearance.
  • Aesthetic nipple elevation.
  • Helps reduce the size of the areola.
  • Gives excellent projection and rounding of the breast, giving a very natural shape and look
  • The scarring is less noticeable compared to other available options.
  • Recovery after lollipop lift is relatively shorter than other breast lift techniques, especially the anchor breast lift. Women can resume their jobs after a week of the procedure.

Anchor Breast Lift Technique

Also termed Inverted T lift, breast lift done through this technique is appropriate for women seeking a dramatic change of their breasts and helps remove excess sagged skin.

This technique involves making three incisions-

  • A vertical incision extending from the base of the areola to the lower breast crease.
  • A concave incision along the lower crease of the breast.
  • A peri-areolar incision.

An anchor breast lift can be done alongside breast size reduction surgery to reduce massive breasts with severe sagging. This breast lift technique is reserved only for cases with massive breast sagging where the lollipop technique may not bring the desired results.

One reason for its limited use by surgeons is the scarring associated with this technique. Breast lift done through inverted T technique causes more scarring in comparison to other available methods.

Revision Technique

Sometimes even the best-executed breast lift procedures may not give the desired results. Revision breast lift surgeries are the best option for women not satisfied with the results of previous breast lift and who want to improve the appearance of their breasts. It can also help restore breast symmetry lost after initial breast lift surgery due to surgical complications or due to age-related changes in the breast over time. It is also used sometimes in cases of breast augmentation requiring correction.

In revision breast surgery, Dr Doyle usually chooses the same incision used for the initial procedure to remove excess skin and improve breast contour. This helps avoid multiple scars around the breast.

Crescent Technique

This is the type of breast lift in which an incision is made above your areola. As the shape of the incision made is crescentic, it is termed as a crescent breast lift. Through this incision, mild to moderate sagging of skin is corrected. Crescent breast lift is usually done in conjunction with breast enlargement surgery. It also helps correct cases of nipple asymmetry. This procedure can only ever give a minimal amount of lift and the shape of the areolae become oval and therefore give a poor cosmetic result.

Peri-Areolar Technique

Also known as a doughnut lift or a Benelli lift, this variant of breast lift is a minimally invasive method of correcting mild to moderate degrees of breast sagging through a solitary circular incision around the areola. In addition to removing surplus skin from around the breast area, the technique also helps simultaneously reposition the areola and nipple in a higher position in the breast. Although it sounds like a good procedure, the amount of breast lift achievable is minimal and the scars around the areola often scar badly.

Scarless Technique

This incorporates various cosmetic techniques to reduce the size of the incision, thus making the post-operative scarring as unnoticeable as possible. The technique used may be radiofrequency based or laser liposuction. As the incision made is limited, it can effectively be used only in cases with minimal sagging of the breast skin.

Also, most of the techniques used, involve making some form of incision, so in the true sense, the technique is not scarless as the name suggests.

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