Chicken Puff Pastry

Chicken Puff Pastry

Puff pastry is filled with creamy chicken, topped with sesame seeds, and baked golden and crisp. They are also a great snack or party appetizer because they are flaky, addictive, and delicious. It’s difficult to go wrong with these lovely layers of dough.

Puff Pastries can be filled with any halal organic meat, but they are extra delicious when stuffed with halal chicken.

Ingredients And Cooking Instructions

Here’s an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for making chicken puff pastries.

  1.  For Chicken

Oil                                           2 Tablespoons 

Garlic Paste                        1 Teaspoon 

Ginger Paste                      1 Teaspoon 

Boneless Chicken             250 Grams  Cubed

Salt                                         1 Teaspoon 

Black Pepper                     1 Teaspoon 

Red Chili Flakes                 ½ – 1 Teaspoon 

Vinegar                                2 Teaspoon 

Water                                   ½ Cup 

In a pan, heat the oil and sauté the garlic and ginger paste for a minute. Mix the chicken, spices, and vinegar in a mixing bowl. Cook on high heat until the chicken turns color.

Reduce the flame, add the water, and cook the chicken until tender and the water has evaporated. Allow the chicken to cool before shredding.

2.    For Chicken Filling

Butter                                   3 Tablespoons 

Oil                                           1 Tablespoon 

Garlic Clove                        1 Sliced

Onion                                    1 Finely Chopped

Flour                                      2 Tablespoons 

Milk                                       ¾ – 1 Cup 

Chicken                                1 Cube

Salt                                         ½ – 1 Teaspoon 

Black Pepper                     ½ -1 Teaspoon 

Mixed Italian Herbs         ½ Teaspoon  

 Red Chili Flakes                ½ Teaspoon 

Melt the butter and oil the pan. Sauté sliced garlic until lightly golden, followed by onions until translucent. Cook for about a minute while whisking in the flour.

Add 1/4 cup milk, a chicken cube, black pepper, salt, chili flakes, and Italian herbs. Whisk for another 2-3 minutes, or until no lumps remain.

Mix in the shredded chicken. Season with salt and pepper to taste, and add more milk if necessary. Allow it to cool before forming the chicken patties.

3.    For Chicken Puff Pastry Assembly

Puff Pastry/Pastry Sheets             1 Kg

Egg                                                         1

Flour To Dust

Puff pastry sheets should be defrosted. Roll out a rectangle from your puff pastry block. Sprinkle flour on the surface to make rolling easier. Set aside an oil-greased baking sheet.

Using a cookie cutter, cut out pastry rounds. Place one teaspoon of filling in the center. Brush the edges with egg, then cover with another pastry round. Using a fork, crimp the edges. To make patties, repeat the process.

Bake the patties at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes, or until patties are light golden brown.

* The chicken patties can be frozen as well.


  • If you’re using puff pastry sheets, you need to defrost them and cut them into circles because they’re already thinly rolled. To save time on re-rolling, make puff pastry triangles or squares with the same method and filling.
  • Puff pastry should be rolled out in a cool kitchen area because it can become difficult to handle when warm.  Try to roll in a cool place or make chicken patties when the oven and stoves are off.
  • Check your oven temperature; a low temperature will result in flat puff pastries.

The buttery, flaky pastry crust is ready to serve with the warm, creamy chicken filling for your teatime snakes. Everyone enjoys this crunchy, flaky chicken treat, whether they are children or the elderly.

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