Commercial Gym Equipment Comparison

Commercial Gym

If you’re interested in starting a commercial gym, you might be interested in purchasing fitness equipment for your space. Commercial gym equipment falls into three categories: cardio equipment, strength equipment, and gymnastics apparatuses. Let’s take a closer look at each of these groups. This article provides a comparison of different commercial gym equipment to help you decide which piece of equipment to purchase. Here are a few of the most popular types of fitness equipment available today.

Life Fitness

The renowned manufacturer of commercial gym equipment, Life Fitness, has announced the launch of its new brand, Life Fitness Media. With an installed base of cardio machines that span the globe, Life Fitness is the ideal partner for marketers to deliver unique content to fitness-conscious consumers. Their new platform will help businesses build their brand recognition by using its extensive fitness product line and robust warranty policy to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Life Fitness also offers a full line of commercial fitness equipment that can meet any budget and requirements.

A new partnership between Life Fitness and WeBuyGymEquipment is designed to help gyms sell used equipment easily and conveniently. The system allows the buyer to bid on used fitness equipment without leaving the facility, minimizing downtime. And the brand has been around for nearly a century – the company has expanded into more than 80 countries across the world. So, how can Life Fitness help your business grow? It has teamed up with US Fitness & Recreation in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is a testament to its pedigree.

BodySolid Pro ClubLine SCB1000 Counterbalanced Smith Machine

A superior quality weight training station is an essential part of any commercial gym, and the BodySolid ProClubLine SCB1000 Counter-BalanceD Smith Machine is an excellent choice. With its high quality steel construction and silky smooth movement, this weight trainer is the ideal partner for total body workouts in a space-constrained facility. The patented counterbalanced design ensures that the weight stays where it belongs, making this a great piece of equipment for any facility.

With a 12-degree angle, the SCB1000’s smith machine encourages natural movement patterns and keeps your joints in anatomically correct positions. It provides a smooth performance and eliminates the “sweet spot” a free weight machine must have to maximize safety. This commercial gym equipment comes with a full warranty, and Better Body Sports stands behind its products.

Life Fitness Signature Series ab crunch bench machine

The new Signature Series Ab Crunch Bench uses a dual pivot motion to replicate real-life abdominal crunch movements. The Signature Series features sleek oval tubing, an 11-gauge steel frame, and contoured seats and backrests. The Signature Ab Crunch Bench comes with a patented AbCam System to help maintain a natural and smooth crunch motion. It has all the features you want for a premium ab machine.

The premium bench features an 80-degree back pad angle to provide comfort and stability while working out. The premium benches seamlessly integrate with the signature series racks, completing the family of quality strength training products. The Signature Series ab crunch bench machine commercial gym equipment


High-quality commercial gym equipment is essential to attract new members and retain existing ones. Panatta machines are built to last, and provide excellent resistance for muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These machines are easy to use, and provide targeted results in specific areas. Panatta equipment is customizable, so you can match the machine to your facility’s aesthetics and branding. It can be customized to fit the needs of your members and your club’s brand identity.

The SEC line of gym machines is designed with the safety of users in mind. The weight stack is made from a transparent polycarbonate material that protects the column from any type of damage. It is also equipped with cams that provide optimal load tension throughout each exercise. An adjustable regulator allows users to choose a starting angle for each exercise position. For maximum ergonomics, Panatta provides a full range of padding for both the bench and backrest of the machines.

Vision S70 Suspension Elliptical Trainer

The Vision S70 Suspension Elliptical(tm) Trainer is a high-quality piece of commercial gym equipment. Its ergonomic foot placement and optimal stride length combine to provide a smooth and efficient workout experience. It’s PerfectStride technology helps you adjust the emphasis of each muscle group during your workout. The open design makes it easy for anyone to use. Its heavy-gauge welded steel frame ensures stability during intense workouts and durability for years.

The bright LED console offers easy-to-read workout feedback. Contact grips allow users to feel the workout intensity without losing focus. It also features a built-in wireless receiver, which makes heart rate monitoring easy. It’s the perfect piece of commercial gym equipment for a busy gym. Its price-performance ratio is very competitive. It also has multiple programs to keep users interested. You can even get fitness tips and training plans delivered right to your inbox.

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