Common Injuries in a Workplace

Common Injuries

Even in a ‘safer’ space like an office, workplace injuries can require first aid. In fact, hundreds of accidents happen every year in different businesses small and large, from factories, to offices, to shops and more. That is why it is important that every workplace has a business first aid kit or more than one if they are a larger business. Here is a look at some of the more common workplace injuries that can happen and why having some people trained in first aid, with an easy-to-access first aid kit is important.

Some of the more common injuries

The accidents and injuries below by no means cover all of the possible reasons you might need a first aid box at work, but they are some of the more common concerns.

Muscle strain caused by overexertion

It is something that happens all the time across different workspaces, lifting a box that is too heavy out of a stock room, moving files that are too heavy, and lifting equipment without help. There are many ways you can strain a muscle from overexertion. Sometimes it might require an ice pack, if it is a limb then it should be elevated and a support bandage used.

Being hit by an object

Falling materials are another common cause of injury. A box falling down on someone, something heavy falling on someone’s foot, someone dropping something from above and so on. This is when a first aid kit for business helps as it means you can treat the injury caused including cleaning it and covering it.

Making repetitive motions that cause injury

There are a lot of jobs that require people to make repetitive movements and that can lead to pain and injury. From construction workers to desk workers, to coffee makers and more. Things like bursitis and tendinitis are caused by repetitive movements that then injure the elbows, knees and wrists.

Falling, tripping or slipping on something

People fall and trip sometimes even when the surface is not rucked or slippery or cracked! Some falls are minor and need a business first aid kit and some simple first aid knowledge, some are more serious.

Scrapes, punctures and cuts

One of the more common accidents people have is random scrapes and cuts from a whole range of things from the very mundane to the crazy! Paper cuts, tools slipping, accidents with scissors, corners of file cabinets, and so on. These need a kit with gloves, cleaning wipes, ointment, bandaids and such to treat.

Caught in machinery 

Even at someone like an office there are photocopiers and printers that people can have addients with, but in other settings like warehouses and factories there are some serious machines that can cause a lot of damage. Having a first aider trained to respond correctly straight away with a first aid kit for business use can be crucial if the injury is a serious one. Keep them stable until emergency services arrive.

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