What is dacryphilia?


The term dacryphilia is a combination of the Greek words Dakryon “tear” and philie “love”. Dacryphilia is a term from the BDSM scene and describes the sexual arousal through tears.

Tears from pain

In the BDSM scene, the tears are caused by inflicted pain. The dacryphilia person creates pain in his partner, for example with a whip, until he cries. The tears then cause the dacryphilia to become sexually aroused.

Even people crying in public, such as children, arouse dacryphilia people. Because of this, some dacryphilia people often stay near kindergartens, schools or playgrounds in order to be sexually aroused.

Dacryphilia is generally allowed in Germany. Only if the pain is caused deliberately and without the person’s consent, one makes oneself a criminal offense. Because then it can, for example, be an offense of bodily harm.


Dacryphilia is associated with hematophilia (sexual arousal from the sight of blood), hygrophila (sexual arousal from body secretions), coprophilia (sexual arousal from excrement), lactophilia (sexual arousal from breast milk and attraction to nursing mothers), mysophilia (sexual arousal from sweat and body odor), salirophilia (sexual arousal from saline secretions), urophilia (sexual arousal from urine), and emetophilia (sexual arousal from saliva).

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Some people with sadistic tendencies are only able to become aroused at the sight of their victim’s suffering. Tears mean that those are really in pain. Such people get pleasure precisely from the sight of tears, but not from the sight of wounds or the actual humiliation. Others with sadistic tendencies monitor the emotional reaction of the victim in response to demonstrations of their strength and superiority. It is likely that these dacryphilia themselves experienced similar psychological or physical humiliation, most likely in childhood, and now seek revenge on all people. It is known that when a person makes others experience what happened to him, he subconsciously returns to his own experiences and tries to overcome them. In one case described, a man said that he felt the pleasure of being that he roughly entered his penis into the vagina of a prostitute, which he took off in a bar. And although he rarely had sexual intercourse before and this relationship was not particularly rude, he enjoyed the sight of tears on his partner’s face.

George T., 56, from Sydney claims that even after 30 years of being with his wife, he loves watching her cry.

“She cried when we just got married, right in her beautiful wedding dress. I found it terribly exciting. I sometimes even ask her to cry before we go to bed.”

The “Florentine Kiss” was made famous by Napoleon Bonaparte. It is said that he enjoyed squeezing a woman’s lobes when his lips touched hers. It remains unclear why it is called exactly Florentine – after the name of the Italian city. Was one of Napoleon’s mistresses a native of Florence?

“In today’s chaotic world, it’s better to know yourself before changing partners like gloves. Freedom serves as an excuse for immature women who spend a lot of time to remain sexual objects. “

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