Disadvantages of lemon juice on face

Disadvantages of lemon juice on face

Lemon juice is very helpful for every type of skin including some of the best advantages that any natural fruit should contain. It is used for antimicrobial effects, lightens your skin or hair and useful for dandruff treatment. Although these are many of them, at the same time it has disadvantages. Here they are!

1.Digestive problems

Consuming too much lemon juice can cause heartburn, as well as symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux: nausea, abdominal pain. People with stomach ulcers should avoid taking it.

2. Fragile

Skin Burns and redness can be caused by lemon on dehydrated and fragile skin. The dangers are even greater when the skin is exposed to the sun, due to the photo-sensitizing nature of its juice.

3. Kidney and bladder problems

By taking too much lemon, the oxalate contained in the zest can promote the formation of kidney or bladder stones.

4. Oral health

The acidity of lemon juice can, if the fruit is consumed in an exaggerated way, attack the enamel of the teeth, and therefore make them more sensitive to cold and heat. In addition, it can give rise to mouth ulcers by irritating the mucous membranes.

Skin burns and weakening of teeth

Lemons are not only rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and citric acid, but also in antioxidants, lemon juice is good for the skin. It helps to tighten tissues and cleanse pores by removing blackheads and brown spots. But it all depends on the skin type. On a dry and dehydrated epidermis, it will cause redness and an unpleasant burning sensation. Especially since this fruit is also photo-sensitizing, a virtue that increases the risk of sunburn.

It is the same with the teeth: in small quantities, it helps to whiten them. But the lemon is acidic, and like all acidic foods, it is likely, in large quantities, to weaken and wear down the enamel, which has the effect of increasing sensitivity to hot and cold. Finally, by irritating the mucous membranes, it can even cause mouth ulcers.

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Abdominal pain and stones

If it helps digestion occasionally, the regular absorption of lemon can lead to heartburn (it is strongly contraindicated in case of ulcer) and gastroesophageal reflux accompanied by nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

As for the kidneys, the oxalate present in the zest of the lemon juice can crystallize if it is too large and turn into stones in the kidneys or in the gallbladder. Certainly, its high vitamin C content induces a diuretic effect that helps rid the body of excess water and salt . But the liquid eliminated is not replaced, which can cause dehydration. 

Side effects and precautions for using lemon on face

Lemon juice tends to cause more side effects than skin benefits, making it a risky option for skin care. The risks may also be increased if you have very sensitive skin or sun exposure after applying the lemon.

  • Skin irritation
  • Phytophotodermatitis
  • Leucoderma
  • Sunburn

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