Do you need AA Meetings in Dover, Delaware? Take the Quiz & Find Out

Alcoholics Anonymous

Everybody around you might be talking around Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and how fruitful they are. But, do you need one? Alcohol is something that most people drink. However, a meeting is not for every person who has a drink in his or her hand. 

So, before you ask, “is there an AA meeting near me?” know whether you need one. 

Answer the following questions HONESTLY. 

But before that…

Benefits of taking up this quiz

The questions will make you ponder over your drinking habit. It will make you realize what alcohol has done to you and your family, relationships, career, or your life overall. Alcoholism doesn’t affect only you; it affects your family too. 

But it’s no disgrace to know these things. Be brave and face the situation. 

If you answer “yes” to 4 or more questions, then you have a problem with alcohol and must attend one of the AA meetings in Dover, Delaware

So, let’s start the quiz.


1. Has it happened to you that you decided to stop drinking, but could go sober only for a day or two? 

If yes, then you have become an addict and have lost control over alcohol. Now, it’s alcohol that’s controlling you. In this case, a Sobriety Calculator can help those who go sober for a few days and then fall back to their alcoholic ways. 

If not, you are in control over when you want to drink and when not. 

2. Do you feel annoyed or furious at people who advise you to stop drinking?

If yes, you need help, i.e., a meeting. 

If not, you are aware of your situation. You still can do it with the AA meeting. 

3. Do you often switch drinks in the hope to avoid getting drunk?

If yes, you are struggling to conquer your alcoholism. You need some more “push” or guidance. AA can be a good idea. 

If not, you are either in denial about your alcoholism, or you drink responsibly and need not switch drinks. 

4. Do you need a drink to start your day or to cope with withdrawal symptoms?

If yes, you are an addict and need help immediately. Please connect with one of your local AA meetings. 

If not, you are in the safe zone. 

5. In spite of having a medical condition due to drinking, you drink because you can’t live without it?

If yes, you are seriously addicted and may end up dead (due to the medical condition worsening). Get help fast! 

If not, you are good. 

6. Does your alcoholism create troubles at home?

If yes, you must attend a meeting. Please look up the AA meeting directory and find a meeting near you. 

If not, you could still be addicted or not. Need more introspection. 

7. Do you often take desperate measures to arrange for a drink?

If yes, you are addicted. Please join a meeting. 

If not, you are still okay, but still, keep a check on your drinking. 

Visit and find a meeting happening in your area presently. A single step can bring a leap of difference in your life. 

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