Doctors Day: everything about it

Doctors Day: everything about it

Physicians are revered all over the world. That is why people founded the National Doctors Day. Every year the holiday is celebrated on the first Monday in October. In 2022, the celebration falls on the 3rd.

The profession of a doctor has always been considered respected. Indeed, without these people, we would still be treated with folk remedies, which, by the way, have not led to anything good.

History of Doctors Day

The proposal to establish the holiday was presented to the United Nations in 1971. The World Health Organization, which is part of the UN, was instructed to prepare all the necessary documents. This is how national Doctors Day was born.

By the way, from the Old Slavonic language the word “doctor” is translated as “talk”, “mutter”. The fact is that in ancient times, healers treated the sick not only with herbs, but also with conspiracies.

Main Traditions of Happy Doctors Day

On national Doctors Day, seminars, symposiums, and master classes are organized all over the world. Topical topics are raised, doctors from all over the world are trying to solve various issues, demonstrating their skills to society.

In Russia, for example, doctors are especially revered on Medic’s Day – the state awards awards to the best specialists, and hospital administrations issue cash bonuses to employees. The holiday falls on the third Sunday of June. Despite this, the International Doctor’s Day does not go unnoticed. Since 2013, the “Recognition” award has been established in our country, and it is awarded to the most selfless, the most high-class medical specialists.

By the way, in the United States, this holiday was renamed National Doctors Day and is celebrated on March 30th. In India, June 1st. In addition, it is also customary to congratulate doctors of different directions separately. For example, October 29 is the World Day of the Ultrasound Doctor, February 9 is the Day of the Dentist, and May 20 is the Day of the Traumatologist.

Happy Doctors Day 2022 Pictures

Doctors Day

Happy Doctors Day

Happy Doctors Day

Happy Doctors Day

Superstitions of doctors or why doctors never laugh

Because of the dangers of the profession, doctors believe in omens. After all, it is not for nothing that before each operation they say to each other “Spit.” Here are the most popular superstitions of specialists:

  • Do not change with each other’s shifts. “What is meant to be is what will be,” they say.
  • Surgeons never pick up an instrument that has fallen to the floor until the end of the operation. This is a bad sign. Otherwise, they pay no attention to it.
  • Doctors try not to treat relatives and colleagues themselves. Doctors believe that then an unforeseen situation will definitely happen.
  • In hospitals, instead of wishing for a quiet watch, they send each other to hell. This is a good sign and usually works.
  • In maternity hospitals, it is considered a good sign if a boy is born first on Monday. It is believed that the whole week will pass easily, without complications.
  • It is also believed that one should not make love on the night before duty. Like, then the change will be difficult.

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Interesting medical discoveries

Doctors have calculated several facts proving that man is a unique creature. Here are a few of them:

  • It turns out that the human brain is capable of storing information up to 4 terabytes.
  • There are a lot of bacteria living in our intestines. And if you gather them together, you can fill a glass.
  • Stomach acid is able to dissolve the metal.
  • The inner lining of the stomach is renewed every 3-4 days. Otherwise, the stomach would digest itself.
  • The female heart beats faster due to the smaller space for pumping blood.

Bottom Line

National Doctors Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October. In 2022, It falls on the 3rd day of October 2022. During this day, Doctors take part in special celebrations, and events and also wish Happy Doctors Day to each other.

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