Health Benefits of Yoga-Physical and psychological

Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years, but only recently has it become popular in Russia. It is a spiritual practice aimed at achieving an elevated spiritual and mental state by a person. It has been proven that when performing special physical exercises that are part of it, it has a complex effect on the body. We’ll tell you the health benefits of yoga and what it gives to an individual during a physical, psychological and spiritual sense.


Yoga in translation from Indian means “to bind”, “to connect”, “to focus attention”, “to apply”. The main goal of yoga is enlightenment, the unification of spirit, mind and body. Yoga helps to understand oneself and one’s capabilities, to seek out complete harmony of physical health and moral and spiritual beauty.

In addition, it’s an efficient way to neutralize depression and stress, or simply relax and unwind. Classes are administered during a relaxed mode and contain various asanas. Asanas are physical exercises that strengthen and heal the body. With their help, you’ll get to each organ, compute all the ligaments, blood vessels, muscles. The duration of the teachings is about 1.5–2 hours.

As a result of physical and breathing exercises, all muscle groups are figured out and therefore the body is enriched with oxygen. As a result, the body becomes soft and relaxed, which can allow you to properly stretch and compute deeper muscle groups. Such a posh effect on the body makes it light and allows positive energy to circulate freely throughout the body, giving new strength and excellent mood.

With various twists, there’s an impact on the interior organs, thanks to which blood circulation is of course increased. Regular practice normalizes digestion, also as lowers the quantity of harmful chemicals within the blood and reduces the extent of internal inflammation, which usually increases with the natural processes of aging and stress.


Due to its versatility, yoga is suitable for nearly everyone – there are restrictions just for complex asanas that put a load on certain parts of the body. For instance, if you’ve got back problems, then a number of the twists are contraindicated for you – instead, the teacher can choose simpler poses.

The main condition for an honest lesson is the presence of a competent and experienced instructor who will prompt and monitor the correctness of the exercises, give recommendations counting on the extent of coaching and health, and also answer all of your questions.

Yoga is beneficial for ladies and men at any age, for everybody who suffers from various diseases: 

  • headaches, 
  • obesity, 
  • edema, 
  • back pain,

Regular physical and breathing exercises leave the skin smooth and radiant, and therefore the body becomes athletic, toned and firm. Also, yoga classes will assist you to avoid bad habits within the most natural way. Classes provide a feeling of cheerfulness and an excellent mood.

Regular yoga practice cleanses the energy channels within the body, removes muscle and tendon blocks, and increases the pliability of the spine and joints. Breathing exercises oxygenate the body, which increases overall energy levels.

As a result, fat deposits are eliminated, blood circulation and metabolism are improved. Standing on the shoulder blades with the legs raised upward, on the top and arms, have a rejuvenating effect on the whole body. Yoga is going to be useful to everyone who isn’t indifferent to health, beauty, youth, inner harmony, good spirits and body!


There are many sorts of yoga. Today the foremost popular are:

  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Iyengar yoga
  • Bakrim yoga
  • Power yoga
  • Kundalini yoga

But they’re all some quite yoga. The word “hatha” means the unity of two opposite principles, therefore the word “Ha” means the sun, and therefore the word “Tha” means the moon. It’s the unity of opposites that makes the balance of an individual with the environment.

Hatha yoga is extremely popular within the times. Unlike conventional physical culture, which focuses only on working with muscles, yoga includes both workout (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), which results in perfection within the perfection of mind and spirit and excellent health.


We have already mentioned how yoga is useful for humans. Now let’s dwell in additional detail on how exactly this eastern practice affects the body and what effects are often achieved with regular exercise.

  • Muscle elasticity. people that practice yoga become more flexible and may easily do the splits. This is often facilitated by performing complex asanas.
  • Weight loss. Not all kinds of yoga assist you quickly lose those extra pounds, but if yoga becomes how life is, you’ll achieve a permanent effect. Powerful and dynamic yoga are ideal for fast weight loss. Other practices are slower.
  • Strong bones. Yoga prevents brittle bones, which is particularly important for the elderly and professional athletes. Regular exercise can stop the event of great diseases, including arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Perfect posture. Yoga strengthens the rear muscles and helps correct curvature of the spine.
  • Perfect coordination. The exercises include various sorts of balancing. They learn to regulate their body, make movements confident and precise.
  • Less pain. Meditation practices act as pain relievers.
  • Less stress. The practice of yoga helps to settle down, to consider the “here and now”, to ditch problems and worries. As a result, the assembly of cortisol, the strain hormone, decreases.
  • Less disease. Regular yoga practice reduces the danger of many diseases. This is often thanks to the very fact that yoga helps to normalize vital signs, the work of the cardiovascular, immune, and lymphatic systems. Yoga also improves blood circulation and prevents the event of diabetes.

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Yoga attracts numerous followers precisely because it’s not only physical but also spiritual practice. It helps to realize harmony of body and spirit, which become one. Therefore, the psychological effects of yoga are inseparable from the physical, but still they will be cited during a separate list. Yoga helps to:

  • Become more self-confident.
  • Find strength to fight bad habits.
  • Cope with depression.
  • Become cheerful and energetic.
  • Look at life with optimism.
  • Be more open and communicative.


The opinion that yoga only helps to increase the flexibility of the body is unfounded. There are types of yoga designed to form a beautiful relief body. However, it is recommended to start with Hatha Yoga. It allows you to:

  • form a strong, elastic, hardy body with a well-developed muscular frame; 
  • provide vigor and energy; 
  • form a sense of confidence in their capabilities; 
  • increase patience, resistance to stress and inner peace; 
  • improve sleep; 
  • have a positive effect on men’s health (increased potency); 
  • normalize the emotional background; change the attitude towards life situations.


We said that yoga is beneficial for absolutely everyone, but still it’s worthwhile to dwell in additional detail on the positive effects that this practice has on the feminine body.

It is not surprising that it had been women who most of all fell crazy with yoga, because it helps to understand one’s own nature. Within time, the intellect is gaining more and more power, while the feminine element is emotionality, feelings. For a lady, reference to the body matters quote for a person. Women’s health is completely impossible without harmony of body and spirit.

Here are the most benefits of yoga for women:

  • Yoga helps to scale back and sometimes completely eliminate recurrent pain. PMS is milder.
  • Regular exercise normalizes the system, which results in hormonal balance within the body. That’s why yoga is usually recommended when planning pregnancy and carrying a baby.
  • Yoga features a rejuvenating effect on the whole body. complexion becomes smoother and healthier, muscles – flexible, bones – strong.
  • Beautiful posture, which we’ve already mentioned within the previous section, is vital not just for health, but also for beauty. True femininity is impossible without her.
  • Yoga relieves fatigue, improves psycho-emotional state and normalizes sleep. The feminine body isn’t as stress-resistant as the male, so yoga for several women may be a real salvation.

Yoga may be a very broad concept. counting on the direction, this practice helps to quickly achieve different results – get obviate extra pounds, develop flexibility, strengthen muscles or relieve stress. Experienced instructors of the fitness club “Mango” will assist you choose the proper direction and monitor the correctness of the exercise.

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