Healthy lifestyle: how to be fit? (NESTA)

Healthy lifestyle

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Today the main causes of disease are cigarettes, food, lack of sport, alcohol and stress. But the good news in all of this is that you have control over all those unflattering habits. Having a healthful lifestyle relies upon the the most effective on you!

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and being in shape is above all, a desire (and some concessions) that will allow you to feel better about your body, your morale and your environment. It is important to know that living healthy does not mean suffering and depriving yourself of everything; on the contrary, it’s feeling pleasure, or rather, having fun… And it doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning your mantra of living from day to day!

Taking a step back from your bad habits and following the right strategy to change them will allow you to have a healthy life without worrying too much.

Here is a list of 3 habits to respect to have a healthy life and be in shape on a daily basis.



Getting rid of cigarettes is a difficult but far from impossible step. If you manage to change this habit, the risk of disease will be much lower and your wallet will thank you too! Keep the motivation once acquired and do not fall back into the trap.

There are several ways to quit smoking. The first, more than a method, is an alternative to cigarettes: it is the electronic cigarette. The principle of the electronic cigarette is based on steam and not on tobacco. It, therefore, damages the heart and lungs much less, unlike traditional cigarettes.

Another method is to quit smoking and turn to lozenges, gum or even nicotine-based patches. Nicotine is the constituent of cigarettes that makes smokers addicted. A good first step towards quitting smoking and a healthy lifestyle is, therefore to opt for nicotine substitutes in the form of lozenges, gum, or even patches. You can freely get them in pharmacies.


A great way to lose weight is to reduce the calories consumed by eating more fruits and vegetables. Being overweight promotes the development of many diseases after smoking. Willpower, a lot of effort and patience are the keys to changing your bad habits and having a healthy lifestyle. It is a question of keeping a maximum of pleasure while respecting the rules fixed at the beginning. Of course, you shouldn’t set too hard goals from the start. Otherwise, you won’t stick. But rather set goals regularly in order to continue to please yourself. 

To get a more precise idea, know that calories are found in fatty, sweet and salty foods. So, when you ask yourself the question of how to be in shape or how to have a healthy life, you must (you already know this but we can never tell you enough) avoid eating foods that are too fatty, too sweet or too salty.

Among these three components, the most insidious, that is to say, the hardest to detect, is undoubtedly sugar. It is also often considered a drug by health professionals. It is, therefore, necessary to be particularly wary of it because it is present even in so-called “good for health” foods such as fruits and vegetables.


Stress is the cause of many diseases (depression, heart disease, hypertension, etc.). In addition, stress does not help to quit smoking or drinking in moderation, quite the contrary.

To take another step towards a healthy lifestyle by reducing your stress, it is first necessary to identify its cause (or rather its origin) in order to work on it. Generally, the most known sources of stress work, studies (or exams) for students, family or a couple of problems…

These very uncomfortable situations can quickly settle you into a bad routine, a vicious circle that will end up making your life unbearable, but what you want is to have a healthy life. Try changing your habits rather than obsessing over the things that are bothering you.

Last but not least, NESTA will take you home as a fitness trainer with these tips and this organization shares professional training. NESTA has organized many blogs with such tips and techniques.

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