How Long Does It Take To Recover From Scoliosis?


Numerous patients from all around the world sometimes suffer from scoliosis a severe curvature in their spine. In such cases, patients have to consult an orthopedic spine surgeon Orange County & Irvine, who will carry out surgery to realign the spine. Even though this procedure has shown some enhancements in reducing the pain endured by the patient, we need to understand that this significant medical procedure can temporarily disrupt the patient’s life. 

In most cases, it takes about three to six months for a patient to resume their everyday life after the surgery. However, there are things that we can do to hasten the recovery process. 

Therefore, let us have a look at what the experts of scoliosis recovery Orange County & Irvine have to say about the condition. 

Avoiding The BLTs

BLTs is an abbreviation used by orthopedic spine surgeon Orange County & Irvine that translates into ‘Bending, Lifting, and Twisting’. Even though the rule sounds easy, we must not forget that we often do these things unintentionally. 

Therefore, patients who have undergone that scoliosis must always make sure to avoid these activities at any cost until the doctor gives the all-clear.

Bending: When we say avoid bending here, we mean that one can still bend their knees with the utmost caution. However, the patient should not bend their back to pick things up; instead, they should have someone help them out for the time being. 

Lifting: It is very important to ensure that the patient does not lift anything weighing over five pounds or the weight suggested by the orthopedic surgeon at least for the first two weeks. This includes everything from regular household items to everything else.

Twisting: Even though we do not often realize it, we twist our spine every morning while getting out of bed. Therefore, it is recommended that patients practice log rolling to get out of the bed in order to avoid causing any further damage to the healing spine.

Timeline Of Scoliosis Surgery Recovery

First thing first, the recovery journey of every patient is different. Therefore, even if this timeline can help one, it is still important to listen to the doctor as they will have the best idea about what to expect after the surgical procedure.

Seven Days After Surgery: In most cases, patients are discharged within the first week of surgery, and patients must take plenty of rest during this period.

One To Two Weeks After Surgery: This is when recovery begins, so patients must take care of their wounds by keeping them clean and dry to prevent infections.

Three To Four Weeks After Surgery: Patients generally feel more energetic during this period, but it is still imperative to adhere to the doctors’ restrictions.

Six To Twelve Weeks After Surgery: One must get checked with X-rays to determine the progress after consulting the doctor.

Six To Twelve Months After Surgery: This is the final stage of recovery, and generally, patients can get on with their everyday lives by this time. However, make sure to consult the doctor before beginning with sports again.

Always Listen To Your Body And Doctor

As mentioned earlier, scoliosis is a complex procedure which is why patients must be alert about how their body is responding to the recovery. In addition to that, always make sure to stay in touch with the doctor and keep them updated about the progress.  

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