How to boost your immune system? 5 steps to follow

How to boost your immune system? 5 steps to follow

You have the impression of being subject to the slightest virus (and especially colds!), of falling ill frequently, of being tired, of having difficulty healing… Your immune system may be weak and you need to boost your immunity. All our advice to strengthen your natural defenses in 5 steps.

Boost your immune system by taking care of your intestinal flora

You may not know it, but many of your immune cells are located in your gut. The bacteria it contains make up what is called “the microbiota”. The latter plays a major role in defense against pathogens. It is therefore important to preserve it as much as possible, in order to maintain good defences.

For this, it is advisable to adopt a healthy and varied diet, containing the minimum of processed industrial products.

Consuming probiotics can also contribute to a healthy microbiota. The Imutis cure contains two types of microorganisms: yeasts and lactic acid bacteria, to help you maintain the natural balance of your intestinal flora.

Put your sleep at the service of your natural defenses

Sleep is one of your vital needs, just like water or food. Following an epidemiological study 1, the INSERM (National Institute for Health and Medical Research) states that “poor quality of sleep would increase vulnerability to infections, and in particular those due to parasites and fungi”. Sleep would therefore help the immune system to function well and to replenish itself.

How to have a restful night? By going to bed at the first signs of fatigue, without delaying this moment. While some can be satisfied with a short night’s sleep, others will need more rest. Listen to your needs and avoid sleeping less than seven hours a day as much as possible.

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Consume the right vitamins to avoid getting sick

Certain minerals and vitamins impact your immune system and can help you get less sick. Naturally present in the diet, they can however be consumed in the form of a cure, for more efficiency.

This is for example the case of zinc, which contributes to a good immune system and protection against oxidative stress. This mineral is present in most food supplements to boost immunity. You will find it in the Physiomance Zinc cure from Therascience laboratories or combined with vitamin B6 in the Zincodyn cure from Metagenics laboratories.

Vitamin C and vitamin D3 are also excellent for maintaining your immune defenses throughout the seasons. Vitamin C being a very fragile vitamin and vitamin D largely depending on your exposure to the sun, it is interesting to plan several cures per year. For example, we recommend the Immudéfenses tablets from Metagenics laboratories , an all-in-one formula that combines beta-glucans, green tea extract, vitamin C, vitamin D3, selenium and zinc.

If you are over 49, it is important to support your immunity with a specific cure, such as Bimunixx 49+, which contains two patented natural substances.

Physical activity to stay in shape

Moderate sport performed as a hobby has many beneficial effects on health. Among them, improving the immune response. The practice of regular physical activity leads to a better circulation of substances, which allows a greater stimulation of lymphocytes, macrophages and immunoglobulins.

According to a Danish study published in the American College of Cardiology 2, an adult who jogs for 2.5 hours a week, at a slow or medium pace, sees his life expectancy increase by 6.2 years for men and 5.6 years for women. If you are short on time, know that 5 to 10 minutes of daily brisk walking is enough to improve your life expectancy.

Stay away from stress for the sake of your immune system

Last step to boost your immune system: protect yourself from stress. In recent years, several studies have established a link between psychological stress and reduced immune defenses 3 . That’s not all: stress also has the effect of slowing recovery, because it monopolizes a good part of the immune resources.

How to lower your stress level? By evaluating what situations cause this state in you, by determining how you can avoid them or make sure you live them better. Also find an activity that will bring you a feeling of well-being: yoga, reading, manual activity…

As you will have understood, if the quality of your immunity can be genetic, it is also important to take care of it with a healthy lifestyle.

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