How to gain weight fast – Our Professional tips

When everyone seems obsessed with losing weight, it can be difficult to know how to gain weight fast, safely and healthily. Fortunately, the technique for gaining weight is not difficult to understand. Adjust your meal times and what you eat to increase your daily calories. Workout to build muscle and don’t forget to eat a snack before and after your workouts. If you’re having trouble gaining weight, see a doctor or nutritionist to diagnose a possible underlying problem.

Part 1. How to gain weight fast by eating to gain weight

1. Add calories to your meals. 

When you prepare your meals, do so in a way that increases the calorie content. Couldn’t your sandwich accommodate a slice of cheese? Why not poach an egg in your reheated soup? Sprinkle your vegetables with olive oil or sprinkle your salad with grains, nuts or cheese 

2. Buy high fat snacks. 

Fat is an essential part of your diet and you need to eat it for healthy weight control. Eat nuts, grains, or nut and seed butters. Try cheese and crackers or dried fruit and whole milk yogurt. Hummus is great on bread or veg, and with lots of tahini and olive oil, it can help you eat more calories. Olives and cheese are best if you are looking for something really tasty.

  • Keep spreads like guacamole, tapenade, pesto, and hummus in your fridge so you can easily put them on your snacks.
  • Take nut bars with you so you always have something to eat when you go out.

3. Drink milk. 

Drink milk and other high calorie drinks. Water is good for you, but it decreases your appetite. If you are used to drinking during meals, choose high-calorie drinks. Drink milk, smoothie, or milkshake.

  • Drink whole milk rather than skim milk.
  • Pour peanut butter or protein powder into your smoothie or milkshake.
  • Milk extracted from plants, like coconut milk and peanut milk, helps you put on weight and is delicious.
  • Try the traditional nutritional drinks found across the world: Kefir, Horchata, Chia Fresca, Lassi, Misutgaru, and Telba are all high in protein and calories.
  • Drink water and low-calorie drinks after eating.
  • Drink eggnog. A comforting drink rich in minerals, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. 93 calories are contained in just 100 grams of eggnog. A quick and easy option before going to bed.

4. Eat protein. 

Protein is essential for weight gain. Red meat can help, especially if you’re trying to build muscle. Salmon is high in calories and good fats. Yogurt is rich in protein.

  • Other fatty fish can also help you gain weight. Keep canned sardines or tuna in your pantry.
  • Beans are a good source of protein and starch.
  • If you are having trouble getting enough protein, you can use supplements like whey protein.

5. Eat high calorie vegetables. 

Instead of rushing for celery and other water-rich vegetables, eat calorie-dense foods. Avocados contain good fat and are a versatile ingredient. Vegetables high in starch like potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash and corn can also help you gain weight.

  • Fruits like bananas, blueberries, grapes and mangoes will provide you with calories and fiber.

6. Buy whole grain bread.

Whole grain bread, pasta and crackers contain more nutrients and calories than processed grains. Eat your bread with butter, olive oil, peanut butter, avocado or tahini and honey  

7. Have a dessert. 

While you shouldn’t overdo sugary foods, having a sweet snack every now and then won’t hurt you. Don’t be afraid to eat cake or ice cream sometimes. If you crave dessert every night, opt for small portions and favor healthy options: dark chocolate, whole yogurt with fruit and granola, mix of nuts and dried fruit, granola bars or whole grain pastries.

8. Eat more meals. 

If you are below your normal weight, you may feel fuller faster. To remedy this, eat more meals. Try to include 5-6 small meals in your day rather than 3 regular meals. Eat snacks between meals.

  • Eat a meal or snack right before bed. This habit will help you gain weight.

Part 2. How to gain weight fast by developing muscle mass

1. Do some weight training. 

Muscles are heavier than fat, which means you will gain weight as you build muscle. Strengthen at least twice a week. You can build muscle at home by doing spinal curls, lunges, and thigh curls. Lift weights, train with kettlebells, or use rubber bands.

  • If you are a member of a gym, you can work out on the weight machines.
  • Sign up for Pilates classes.
  • Take a class or watch an exercise video before you jump into a new form of exercise.
  • Remember: stop if you have pain. If something hurts you, you could injure yourself.

2. Do aerobic exercise. 

Regular aerobic activity won’t build you muscle as fast as weight training, but it will help you balance your exercise routine. Cardio training strengthens the heart, relieves certain chronic heart conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes and gives you more endurance during the day.

  • Some cardio exercises you can try include jogging, walking, biking, swimming, or hiking.
  • If you do aerobic exercise and have trouble gaining weight, reduce the intensity, frequency, or duration.

3. Eat before and after your exercise. 

Carbohydrates will improve your endurance before exercise while the combined carbohydrates and protein will help your muscles recover afterwards.

  • Eat a small meal or snack at least an hour before you exercise.
  • If you have eaten a lot, wait 3 or 4 hours before working out.
  • Some examples of snacks you can eat after your workouts include a peanut butter sandwich, yogurt and fruit, chocolate milk and crackers, a fruit smoothie with milk, yogurt, or whey protein.

4. Find a personal trainer. 

If you’re struggling to find a suitable exercise routine, a personal trainer can help. He will be able to guide you during your training and advise you on exercises that will help you gain weight.

  • Look for a trainer at the gym. Most of the time, this is where you’ll find one and you might even get a discount for your first session.
  • Talk to your trainer about your weight and your goals. Tell her that you want to gain healthy weight.

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Part 3. How to gain weight fast by knowing the precautions to take

1. Gain weight slowly. 

Rapid weight gain is neither healthy nor practical. Eating too much to the point of being inconvenient does more harm than good to your body. Stop eating when you are full. If you think you haven’t eaten enough, have a snack later.

  • Set a goal of weight to reach in agreement with your doctor, your nutritionist or a personal trainer.
  • You can reasonably gain 0.5 to 1 kg of muscle mass per month if you invest in your weight gain and your training routine. You may gain more weight, but it will be a mixture of muscle and fat. Safe weight gain is between 0.5 and 1 kg per week.
  • If you are not weight lifting, you can gain around 1 to 2 kg of muscle and fat per month.

2. Avoid junk food. 

  • While consuming more calories is much easier just by eating junk food with every meal, your health could be affected in one way or another. Instead, try to prepare your own meals if you have the time. If you don’t like to cook or are too busy, look for other healthy ways to eat. Choose establishments that list all the ingredients in their menus.
  • If you want to cook your own meals, but are always too busy during the week, try to cook as many dishes as possible on the weekends. You can freeze some of them if you think they might spoil.
  • As a general rule, you should avoid fried foods, sugary snacks, sodas, and sweets.

3. Consult a doctor or nutritionist.

If you unexpectedly lose weight, go to a doctor. An underlying problem may be involved. The doctor will examine your thyroid and make sure that you are not suffering from a hormonal imbalance. If your doctor cannot help you, go to a nutritionist who can advise you.

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