How to get rid of cherry angiomas naturally?

How to get rid of cherry angiomas naturally?

For a few days, you have noticed a small red growth on the surface of the skin. Does this little red button intrigue you? Rest assured, it is surely a cherry angioma! What is cherry angioma and how to get rid of it naturally? Here are explanations, natural remedies and dermatological advice to effectively treat this cherry angiomas!

What is a Cherry Angioma?

Cherry angioma, also known as capillary angioma or ruby-red spot, is a small benign tumor. This rash ranging from purple to cherry red, is relatively common around 40/50 years.

Cherry angiomas are vascular lesions that form a small cluster of dilated blood vessels. They appear most of the time on the thighs, the trunk, and sometimes on the face, the neck, the arms or on the scalp.

The cherry angioma is no larger than a pinhead in its initial form and hardly exceeds 1 to 2 cm. Some may become spongy, dome- like, like a strawberry or mushroom. Be aware, however, that regardless of their size, they are painless and benign.

If it is not dangerous, the cherry angioma can still inconvenience you physically.

But, before knowing how to eliminate it naturally, here are some recommendations when a cherry angioma appears:

  • You must be careful not to scratch, squeeze, or puncture a cherry angioma. Highly vascularized, he would risk bleeding profusely and becoming infected.
  • If the capillary angioma is painful or changes in appearance, it is advisable to consult your doctor or dermatologist. This will eliminate any suspicion of cancerous tumors.

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How to get rid of cherry angiomas naturally?

The cherry angiomas, although benign, can cause aesthetic discomfort. Here are three natural remedies that will allow you to get rid of cherry angioma naturally:

Essential oils

Many essential oils have medicinal properties. To treat these small ruby ​​spots, two essential oils are particularly recommended:

  • Tea tree essential oil: natural antibacterial, tea essential oil will dry out your ruby ​​red point. Mix 1 drop of tea tree essential oil with 2 drops of carrier oil. Then apply this preparation on your angioma and let it dry. You can renew the application 1 to 2 times a day until the complete disappearance of the red spot.
  • Evergreen cypress essential oil: its anti-oedometric and decongestant properties make it an effective natural remedy. You can use it alone or with Italian Helichrysum essential oil. Just like the previous preparation, mix 1 drop of evergreen cypress EO with two drops of vegetable oil (double the doses of oil if you add a drop of Italian Helichrysum). Apply 1 to 2 times a day on your cherry angioma and let dry, until the disappearance of the angioma.

Warning: like most essential oils, it is not recommended to use them during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Cider vinegar

Wine vinegar is particularly effective against cherry angiomas for its healing properties. The fermentation of apples generates a high concentration of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar. It is the healing properties of acetic acid that will naturally eliminate the cherry angioma.

Put some apple cider vinegar on a compress or cotton cloth and apply the vinegar to your angioma. Let the vinegar act for 20 to 30 minutes and renew the application every day until the disappearance of the angioma. Generally, and depending on its size, it takes one to two weeks before it begins to decrease and eventually disappear completely.


According to scientific studies, iodine improves the production of cells in our body. Iodine will thus rid your body of toxins and naturally eliminate your cherry angioma. You can increase your iodine intake either by including 50 mg of salt per day in your diet or by eating iodine-rich foods such as cooked cod or haddock. You can also apply salt directly to the cherry angioma for one to two weeks until it disappears.

When should an angioma be treated?

Not all angiomas can be treated naturally, especially in the following cases:

  • If your angioma is more than 2 cm.
  • When it is near the eyelid, around the eyes, the mouth or even in the respiratory tract such as the throat and pharynx.
  • If your angioma is painful.
  • If you are in this situation, it is important to consult.

Who to consult?

Make an appointment with your general practitioner, who will prescribe a dermatological consultation. Depending on his prognosis, the dermatologist can offer you two treatments:

  • Cryotherapy which involves applying liquid nitrogen to your cherry angioma. The nitrogen will freeze the angioma and once the tissues are frozen they will be surgically removed.
  • Cauterization which involves using electric current to burn and remove your cherry angioma.
  • Laser surgery will remove these spider veins using a pulsed dye laser. The surgical method is quick and performed on an outpatient basis. Depending on the number of angiomas to be treated, you must perform several laser sessions.

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