The thick and luscious beard we see is not that easy to grow. Bears are evergreen. They can make one look timeless. Sometimes, a beard doesn’t grow the way we want it to. It grows patchily and in some cases, doesn’t grow at all. If you have been experiencing this, it is time to consider a beard transplant Toronto. The advanced technology used in hair transplants can help you to get the beard of your dreams. We are here to tell you how the procedure can help you achieve that.

How does a beard transplant work?

During the beard transplant, the hair is taken from the back of the head. This is the same place from where all the hair is taken for the hair transplant. Hair strands that are present in this area, match well with the facial hair. Once the follicles have been transferred, the hair will fall out after the first week. Don’t panic when this happens. It is natural. Only once these strands fall will new hair take its place. You will begin to see the results in the third or the fourth month. The procedure is fairly comfortable as a numbing agent is used. You will be prescribed pain medication to ensure you are comfortable throughout the recovery.

Why should you consider a beard transplant?

If you have a long scar on your face where hair wouldn’t normally grow, a beard transplant can help you cover that up. A Beard transplant is successful in situations when there is blood flow in the area of the scar or in its immediate surrounding. It is also a great option when you are facing hair loss throughout the body. This type of hair loss is called alopecia barbae and is easily noticeable in men. It can prevent the growth of a beard. Undergoing a transplant can help you to get that beard.

Why you should reach out to an experienced surgeon?

When a beard transplant is carried out, the hair must be transplanted in a way that matches the hair colour and growth pattern of the facial hair. The placement of the grafts impacts the way the hair grows. When a transplant is taking place, you can design the bears you want. To achieve the desired beard, you must have someone who is experienced. They have the artistic eye and aesthetic understanding of the beard so you can get your dream beard.

Book a consultation

Undergoing any sort of cosmetic procedure is never an easy decision to make. It is the first step that is always the hardest. Booking the consultation is the first step. During the consultation, you will interact with the surgeon carrying out the procedure. They will discuss your aesthetic goals with you. Based on that, they will work with you to design your dream beard. You will be educated about the procedure and what it can do for you. However, it is essential to have realistic goals throughout. It is time to take that first step towards your dream beard. 

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