How to get your period faster? Onset of menstruation

The female body is a complex thing and it is not recommended to interfere in its work on your own, especially if there are no medical indications for this. But in life, sometimes there are situations when you need to correct her menstrual cycle in order to get your period faster.

Most often, such a need arises in two cases – with an unforeseen delay that is not associated with the onset of pregnancy and with the approach of some event when menstruation can give us inconvenience and discomfort.

Most often, women try to bring menstruation closer before the holidays. Doctors do not recommend taking water procedures during critical days, which means that several days will have to be thrown out of the long-awaited vacation at sea.

How to get your period faster

There are several ways to influence the approach of menstruation at home:

  • medically;
  • folk remedies;
  • with the help of herbal decoctions and other herbal remedies.

All drugs that affect the process of menstruation can be divided into two groups:

  1. Medicines of the hormonal group are taken in order to speed up the onset of menstruation, and hemostatic – during critical days, so that the process ends faster.
  1. The pharmaceutical industry produces another remedy – Pulsatilla, which is different from other drugs. This is a homeopathic product in the form of granules that restores the menstrual cycle with long-term use.

The medicine is prescribed for a delay in menstruation not caused by pregnancy. Although it is based on extracts from plants, it can only be taken as prescribed by a doctor.

Folk remedies

The use of folk advice so that menstruation begins or ends earlier does not have such a negative effect on the body as taking pills, however, it must be remembered that subsequent menstruation may not come on time and be more abundant than usual.

  1. Hot foot bath – add a few drops of iodine and a teaspoon of salt to the water and steam your feet. This will increase blood circulation, provide a rush of blood to the pelvic organs and, thereby, contribute to the arrival of menstruation a couple of days ahead of schedule .
  1. Massage – the best option would be to turn to a professional manual who will give you a lower back massage. But, if you do not have such an opportunity, massage the auricles for 10 minutes at the locations of the points that are responsible for the work of the female internal organs.

Repeat this procedure several times a day.

Sex is a good stimulation of uterine contraction, will help bring menstruation closer, and also bring them closer to completion.

  1. Sports – performing special physical exercises aimed at strengthening the oblique muscles of the abdomen, you strengthen the internal organs. This favorably affects the regulation of the menstrual cycle and reduces pain.

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Herbal teas and herbal remedies


The action of this method is based on the ability of some plants and herbs to cause bleeding, so it is unacceptable to use even, in your opinion, harmless recipes uncontrollably.

  1. A decoction of fresh parsley – two tablespoons with a slide of finely chopped parsley, brew a glass of boiling water. Take twice a day until the first signs of the onset of critical days.
  1. A decoction of the root of elecampane – boil one teaspoon of the crushed root of the plant in one glass of water over low heat for 10 – 15 minutes. Leave covered for at least 3 hours. Filter. Drink in small doses, no more than 1 teaspoon 3 times a day for no more than 2 days.

Important! Elecampane has a very powerful blood stimulating effect, so it is not allowed to be used during pregnancy. This can cause spontaneous abortion.

  1. Carrot seeds – if you eat 5 grams of dry carrot seeds before meals, this can cause the onset of periods faster.
  1. A decoction of onion peel – in a glass of boiling water, brew two tablespoons of clean chopped onion peel. Let it brew, filter and drink on an empty stomach before eating. Repeat no more than two or three times.
  1. Lemon – squeeze the juice from one lemon, dilute it with warm water at a one-to-one ratio and drink several times a day not on an empty stomach. Vitamin C contained in lemon has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and, thus, helps to good contraction of the walls of the uterus.
  1. Bay leaf – 10 grams of dry bay leaf (this is a standard store package) boils in 0.5 liters of water over low heat for one hour. Cool, strain. Drink twice during the day. Don’t repeat again.


An effective way to get your period faster is to take medications. To make menstruation come faster, you can take Duphaston. We recommend that you consult a doctor before resorting to this method. Duphaston increases the level of progesterone in the body, thereby regulating the menstrual cycle. After using this method, menstruation should begin on the 3rd – 4th day.

This means that its intake is much safer for women’s health. At the same time, it effectively helps to ensure that menstruation comes faster. It is necessary to take 6 granules of the remedy every morning and evening in order to normalize the menstrual cycle and accelerate the onset of menstruation by several days.

Taking oral hormonal contraceptives according to a special scheme can also speed up the onset of menstruation. The fact is that they contain the hormone progesterone, which, as you know, regulates the cycle. The following drugs are very popular: Marvelon, Silest, Yarina . Each drug contains different doses of hormones. For this reason, you should definitely consult a doctor before using them.

There is another drug that can cause menstruation. But please note that this information is provided for informational purposes only. We are talking about Postinor. Its reception can cause premature onset of menstruation. But it should be borne in mind that the drug has an extremely negative effect on women’s health. It can disrupt the menstrual cycle, as a result of which you will have to undergo a long and difficult course of treatment. Many qualified doctors say that it is better to take conventional oral contraceptives for several days to prevent pregnancy, to get your period faster, than to drink two Postinor tablets.

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