How to increase height in 1 week

How to increase height in 1 week by 10 cm at home . By following these simple tips, you can increase your height by 10 cm without leaving your home.

How to increase height

Everyone knows that a person’s height is formed during his childhood. Why? Because growth is due to the production of growth hormone. The highest content of this hormone in human blood falls on children and especially adolescence. However, factors such as smoking during adolescence greatly reduce the production of growth hormone, which is why teenage smokers are more likely to grow up short.

But what if, as a teenager, you did not manage to grow taller for one reason or another? The main thing is not to despair, the most effective ways to increase height by 10 or more centimeters in just a few weeks are written below.


What parts of the body can be used to increase height? Legs and spine.

You probably know that the human spine is flexible. It is because of this that the spine also increases in length. For example, try measuring height right after sleeping. In the spine, relaxed position, the spine stretches very easily. And for a few more minutes immediately after sleep, he is in an extended state.

How to fix this effect? It is necessary to engage in physical exercises that will help the spinal column to maintain a state of elongation for a longer time. Do stretching, hanging on the bar with a grip with your hands. Swimming is the best exercise. You can check out the photos of the swimmers. Among them you will not meet a single person of short stature.

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If you don’t have back problems, try to keep your posture straight. Beautiful and correct posture visually increases a person’s height. Growth is also getting bigger. Remember the position in which the doctor measured the growth of students during school time. The doctor always says that you need to straighten your back, press your lower back against the wall. This is the most correct posture. It must be held both while walking and in a seated position, for example at work or while watching TV at home.

Proper nutrition

For the production of growth hormone, materials are needed from which the body will build this very hormone. That is why you need to eat healthy and healthy. Let’s take as a basis the nutrition of athletes who need increased doses of growth hormone.

Eat more chicken, buckwheat and foods high in Magnesium and Zinc. If you decide to get carried away with veganism or vegetarianism, then you will not see much growth in adulthood. Vegetables and fruits are undoubtedly useful, but they are not able to completely replace meat nutrition. All the same, man, is an all-eating predator.

Visual deception

Do you think that the popular and wealthy actors in Hollywood are all tall? But no. The point is that cameramen and directors know how to properly shoot an actor to make him look bigger or smaller. So take advantage of simple ways to manipulate human perception.

Do not wear clothing that visually divides the silhouette into horizontal blocks. Try to wear clothes with vertical stripes. Also, don’t forget about the influence of color. You need to dress in monochrome – in one color. If you put the top in one color and the bottom in another, then visually it will break your figure into two blocks and the growth will be perceived lower. However, this does not apply to the classic light top, dark bottom. With such clothes, everything is in order.

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