How to lose weight in 2 days

There are many reasons people want to lose weight really fast. Maybe the beach vacation is approaching, or you are planning to attend a special event. If it is not possible to lose weight quickly, losing 0.5 to 1 kg may be reasonable. Additionally, there are steps you can take with your diet to lose excess water weight. This will help you reduce bloating and make you feel healthier. Carefully restricting your diet and making some lifestyle changes will help you lose weight and feel better and ready for your event.

Part 1: Create a 2 day diet

Limit your intake of carbohydrates.

 An easy way to lose weight and reduce fluid retention is to limit the amount of high carbohydrate foods eaten each day. Studies show that carbohydrates cling to several water molecules in the body and can cause weight gain or bloating.

Carbohydrates are found in many different foods: dairy products, grains, fruits, starchy vegetables, and legumes.

It is not advisable to avoid each of these foods. Limit their intake in general and focus on cutting out carbohydrates that are not as nutritious. For example, eat carbohydrates from vegetables and dairy products rather than fruits and grains. Vegetables and dairy products both contain most of the nutrients that are essential for your diet.

This is the fastest way to see a decrease in weight, bloating, and overall size of the abdominal area.

Focus especially on proteins and vegetables. 

If you are watching your calorie and carbohydrate intake, you will need to prepare most of your meals or snacks. Try lean protein and low starch vegetables.

Protein and low starch vegetables are an invaluable part of your diet. It is not healthy or sensible to limit their consumption. You should eat it with every meal or snack.

Meals low in carbohydrates, high in protein and high in vegetables are: scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach, kale with grilled salmon, chicken stir-fry with peppers, onions and crunchy peas, yogurt Greek fat free with almonds or 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Avoid vegetables that cause gas. 

Stopping eating certain types of vegetables that cause gas will not help with weight loss, but may limit bloating.

Vegetables that cause gas include beans, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and onions.

Stick to less fibrous vegetables like green beans, peppers, eggplants, carrots, artichokes, tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumbers.

Eat less salt:

Salt can cause water retention, increase your weight and make bloating worse. Limit sodium-related water retention by consuming less salt and staying away from salty foods.

Sodium attracts and clings to water in the body. This is why after a salty meal, you may feel bloated or bloated.

Stay away from foods high in salt like prepared meat, frozen meals, canned foods, takeout or restaurant meals, condiments high in salt (like ketchup, salad dressings or salsa sauce) and prepared foods.

Limit or eliminate salt in meals or avoid adding salt when cooking.

Watch your calories:

Calories will become very important during the first few days of your weight loss. You will need to watch them carefully to achieve your goal.

Everyone’s calorie goals will differ based on age, gender, weight, and activity level.

You can start by reducing your daily intake by about 500 calories. It is usually considered safe and effective for losing some weight. Combined with a good diet and exercise, you will be able to feel better in just a few days.

In addition, it is generally advisable to never eat less than 1,200 calories per day. You could be suffering from nutrient deficiencies, fatigue and loss of muscle mass 

Part 2: Exercise to lose weight in 2 days

Exercise regularly:

Even if you need to limit your intake of calories and certain foods, you need to stay consistent in your daily exercise routine.

Exercise is a good way to support weight loss and help the body to drain excess fluid. They will help you feel fitter and less bloated.

Walk 10,000 steps a day. This is the general amount of activity recommended by healthcare professionals. If you don’t know how many steps you take in a day, buy a pedometer and wear it all day.

Do toning exercises:

Doing some weight training the day or the day before your event can help you feel and look good


Do exercises that target the abs, arms, and legs for a defined and toned figure. Practice the day before or the day of your event. You will notice that your body will maintain this defined silhouette in the short term.

Exercises you can try are spinal curl, lunges, thigh curls, forearm curls, side raises, and bench repulsions. They cover basic muscle groups and should help tone your body.

If you are planning to wear something specific for this “special day,” consider the parts of your body that you are going to show off. For example, if your arms are visible in a sleeveless dress, focus on exercises that target that part more than others.

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Do interval training on the first day of your diet:

Interval training is a higher intensity cardio exercise that burns a lot of calories. It helps you sweat excess water and support rapid weight loss.

Interval training can be a sprint (a very fast run) for 1 minute followed by 3 minutes of jogging. Repeat this cycle several times for a total of 15 to 20 minutes.

Interval training is also known to increase your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn calories and fat for the next 24 hours. This makes it an ideal activity for the first day of your diet.

Part 3: Change your lifestyle for 2 days

Avoid chewing gum and carbonated drinks:

Chewing gum makes you swallow more air, which can cause bloating or make it worse. Carbonating can also make you feel like you’re bloated.

Instead of chewing gum, try a peppermint, brush your teeth, or use a mouthwash to freshen your breath.

Instead of carbonated drinks, stick with gas-free fluids and moisturizers like water, flavored water, caffeine-free coffee, or caffeine-free tea.

Get enough sleep:

Sufficient rest is also very important for quick results. Get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Not only does sleep help de-stress and regain strength, it also helps prevent carbohydrate cravings.

Try to go to bed early every night. Turn off lights, electronics, and anything that makes annoying sounds. This will allow you to have a calm and restful sleep.

Sleep also helps you relax and de-stress. If you are nervous or stressed about your event, getting enough sleep will help you manage your emotions better.

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Reduce your stress:

Trying to lose weight in a few days can be a little stressful or scary. However, more stress will make you feel more tired, lethargic, or more prone to snacking.

Cortisol is a hormone released during stress. If you have low amounts of this hormone in your body, you will have a harder time losing weight.

During the 2 days of your diet, allow time for self-reflection and relaxation. Spend a few minutes listening to soothing music, reading a book, meditating, or going for a walk.

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