Is It Healthy to Workout Everyday?


New challenges arise once you start having a workout schedule that you can follow. Several people start feeling the need to work out every day of the week, even during the weekends. But is this behaviour safe? And most importantly, is it healthy to work out every day?

To sum it up, yes and no. It is safe and healthy to work out every day. However, there are some details that you need to pay attention to. Let’s understand the conditions to work out every day safely.

Which exercise are you doing?

If you are going to work out every day, it is essential that you have a planned workout schedule, especially if you do weight lifting—the reason why is that your muscles need time to heal. Every time you weigh lift, you are hurting your muscles, so they grow stronger and bigger when they heal. That’s why you feel pain when lifting.

However, if you don’t give your muscles time to heal, they won’t thrive. They can be permanently damaged. Following a planned schedule is essential since it gives the proper amount of time that your muscles need. Also, that’s why most gyms recommend a training week of five days, intercalating the training of arms, legs, and abs.

Weight lifting is not the only exercise that needs time for your body to heal. Most exercises need it, actually. Therefore, before exercising the whole week, you should contact a specialist. Even if you do exercises alone, it is good to have the help of a personal trainer at home.

What is the intensity?

You cannot work out every day if you plan to have high-intensity training. Even professional athletes can’t keep up with this routine. It is incredibly tiring and hurtful to your body. If you wish to train every day, you need to plan the intensity of your training.

Most people benefit from having two to three days a week of cardio-based and strength workouts, with two days of casual movement. For example, weight lifting three days a week and walking or dancing on the other two, leaving the weekend for rest.

Do you stretch before exercising?

Stretching before any exercise or even movement is essential. Everyone should stretch every day, even if they are not going to do anything in the day. It improves your flexibility and more. Besides, it helps to avoid injury during exercising. So before exercising, don’t forget to do a whole stretch and warm up routine.

Is exercising every day bad for you?

It can be. If you have a high-intensity workout schedule, working out daily can cause injuries. Besides, your body won’t have time to heal or even rest. It is not impossible to have a healthy everyday workout routine, but it needs to be perfectly planned so your body will have the time to rest, and therefore any pain or damage will be avoided.

Luckily, some experts can help you create a balanced and efficient workout schedule that will help you keep your body and mind healthy and strong. Nielsen Fitness is the perfect personal trainer in Toronto for you. Schedule your first free workout session today.

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