Lunk Alarm Planet Fitness Secrets and FAQs

Lunk Alarm is a device that helps in making noise when someone lifts weights i.e., at occasional weight dropping, the grunt during a lift, or even banging the weights together during a workout.

Lunk is described as a person who grunts, drops weights, or judges. There is a Lunk Alarm to alert people of the presence of a Lunk in the famous fitness centers but it is not an acceptable practice. The gym manager’s attention is diverted towards the Lunk when the alarm rings.

What is the Planet fitness Lunk Alarm?

It is a loud siren that pauses all workouts carried out in the gym and draws the attention of all staff and attendants towards it. Planet Fitness is a gym for people so people can perform a workout there with a high level of comfort.

Unlike most gyms that target bodybuilders or those who want to become stronger, Plante fitness gym targets the rest of the population equally similar to body-conscious people. Therefore, such gyms and fitness centers make people more encouraged to be active. 

Advantages of Planet Fitness Over Other Gyms

Many gyms and fitness centers are solely founded for revenue earning but Planet fitness aims to facilitate the general public by working in the best interest of people. Some of the benefits which make this gym stand out from all others in its competition include the following:

  1. Planet Fitness is a low-cost gym that means both the rich as well as poor people can equally be facilitated from it without any hard and fast discrimination 
  2. These gyms are regarded as an affordable fitness center
  3. Most of them have a pleasant and friendly environment 
  4. Last but not the least, it has a Well-maintained Lunk Alarm installed in it.

How does this alarm work?

It usually sounds when a person breathes too loudly, dropping the weights too hard on the floor, or grunts when lifting heavyweights. As soon as the alarm sounds, the club manager gets attentive and intervenes in the situation to handle it. However, it can be turned off at the manager’s discretion. The reason why this alarm is called Lunk Alarm is that its name originates from the definition of Lunk. Lunk is described as an individual who draws attention upon themselves. 

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Lunk Alarm rules and regulations

The question arises when will this Alarm sound? Or what to consider when the ring bells? On detection of any loud noise by the manager, the person who made the noise will be expelled from the gym.

Being a friendly gym for a newcomer, Planet fitness is always keen to avoid uncomfortable situations like grunting, or the sound of heavyweights dropping on the floor. All such situations and sounds of alarm help to detect members who are not proficient in weight lifting. 

Moreover, whenever there is a loud grunt or bang sound, it usually results in the removal of that particular member. There are several videos and complaints available about how Planet fitness treats those who are Lunk.

What is the Purpose of The Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?

From planet fitness commercials, we can see that there are several different purposes for using it in gyms and fitness centers. A few significant views and purposes are summarized below:

  1. Many people think that an alarm is useless because a gym is supposed to be loud at times. Why should a gym be quiet when several people are exercising through trainers?
  2. In addition to that, Lunk Alarm planet fitness helps people understand how the alarm protects people who have just started going to the gym.
  3. Moreover, whenever an individual acts scary to a linking behavior, an alarm goes off. That is helpful for all other gym members to become safe from that Lunk

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How do people feel about Lunk Alarm?

As mentioned above, planet fitters target those only who are occasional gym-goers or who just want to be healthy. This Alarm serves in a comfortable environment where people do not become aware of strong weight lifters.

These gyms and fitness centers work well to create a “Judgment free zone” as 80% of targeted people are afraid of the judgments and opinions of others. On the other hand, it can also make some poor decisions to join such gyms as eviction is expected at any moment even just by breathing heavily. 

Lunk Alarm Planet Fitness

Best suited for shy people

A lot of arguments are made on Lunk Alarm meaning. Despite all such happenings, Planet fitness may be one of the cheapest fitness centers all around the world where it is installed. Bodybuilders or those who are conscious of their health are tolerant towards loud noises.

Unless it makes loud noises on grunting, one can easily do own activities without being judged by others. People who are shy of this clever world are encouraged to join such gyms and fitness clubs.

lunk alarm planet fitness Frequently asked questions (FAQs) What is the Lunk Alarm?

Ans: An alarm, that goes off when the person lifts, drops, and slams weights while trying to do anything belonging to a fitness workout. Most people use it to manage those who are new to weightlifting and maintaining fitness levels. Why does Planet fitness don’t allow deadlifts?

Ans: As it is not a proper gym, it is just a health club for lazy people. There is a significant difference in the monthly fee of gym and planet fitness. These clubs mark those who want a healthy body, not a stylish one. Are planet fitness superior to gyms?

Ans: These fitness clubs discourage body-builders from using steroid-addled eatables. They have always promoted a natural culture of exercise through a proper fitness workout guided by professional trainers. That is why deadlifts are not allowed in such clubs. Why does the Lunk alarm ring?

Ans: The reason behind the alarming situation is human error that means a bodybuilder accidentally or unintentionally lifts more weight which he can’t control or manage later. Therefore, staff members are advised to turn on the alarm purely for safety issues. What is maximum weight at a planet fitness?

Ans: The heaviest barbed at planet fitness centers is 60 pounds. Dumbbells are also of the same weight. All of them are hell for heavy-weight lifters. However, the equipment here is well managed and the club atmosphere is fantastic. Does planet fitness kick out the grunting person? 

Ans: Yes, the lifter gets kicked out of the fitness center immediately if he does so. Grunting and slamming weights during lifting are strictly prohibited at the Planet Fitness gym. The receptionist will ring up the shrilling Lunk Alarm to make the attendant aware of the wrong move. Do a stress-free environment is maintained in Planet Fitness?

Ans: Yes, without any doubt, such clubs and fitness centers aim to provide their clients stress-free, unintimidating environment. But still many people avoid joining gyms because they feel uncomfortable in front of a heavy-weight lifter. Why does planet fitness demand a bank account?

Ans: It is because they require an EFT through checking and verifying accounts for your convenience. This helps clubs to continue membership of joiners without any interruption. How to get membership of planet fitness

Ans: A subscription fee is decided by the management of the club that is immediately asked upon joining the club. Bank account details are solely for such purpose and the member should allow the club to deduct monthly and annual fees directly from the bank account.

No other choice is there to pay via any other method like direct transfer or debit or credit cards etc. The overall survey tells that there are no problems with automatic deduction. Why has planet fitness had a bad reputation in the market?

Ans: For utilizing essential primary resistance machines and practicing cardio workouts, planet fitness is an excellent place to get a spot. Loaded with premium cardio machines, these clubs are open 24 hours a day.

The latest Lunk Alarm is also installed in such clubs. Moreover, the cost of joining is low so individual members keep their enrollments instead of stepping back. 

A bad image of such clubs is created by those gyms and health centers who relatively offer costly membership of different gyms and then don’t use them. By insulting people and their clubs, they use clever marketing tactics by 

  • Taunting about poor gym’s standard
  • Targeting insecure outfits
  • Obsessing customers by encouraging low fitness standard
Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm


Summing all the discussions, it is an alarm that is set by management when they hear weight drop sounds or someone using a cell phone in the gym’s area. It is an appreciated act as many hard-working and diligent members get disturbed by loud noises.

However, one major disadvantage of this Lunk Alarm is that it may damage the ears of people present near to it, especially the employees operating the button of this bell. These clubs are best suited to people who find it impossible to work out without the attention of everyone else in the room.

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