Neurobion Forte Tablet, Uses, Composition, Benefits, Side Effects & More

Neurobion Forte

It is most difficult to determine which individual supplements are best for any individual? But this confusion is now overruled. Have you ever heard of a tablet or injection containing a large number of supplements? If not, then read this article completely in order to know the details of one of the best supplement tablets named Neurobion Forte.

It is a very famous vitamin product that has a complex mixture of various types of B Vitamins. It is available in both forms like either as an oral tablet or in the form of an injection.

What is Neurobion Forte?

Neurobion Forte is a famous multivitamin supplement that has a complex mixture of various Vitamin B variants. These B Vitamins are a specific group of vitamins that are soluble in water. They are naturally present in a wide range of food. When once your body absorbs the vitamins present in this medicine, it excretes the rest of the residue through your urine.

Neurobion Forte tablet

Neurobion Forte Tablet Composition

The supplements included in Neurobion Forte tablets are a group of B Vitamins  also known as B – Complex Vitamins. They are very easily available all over the world. There are six B vitamins in total in Neurobion Forte, their names are as follows:

  1. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine mononitrate)
  2. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  3. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
  4. Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate)
  5. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
  6. Cyanocobalamin also called Vitamin B12

Each one of them plays a specific role in human body functioning:

  1. nervous system functioning
  2. metabolism of nutrients
  3. red blood cell production
  4. skin health and many more

Key benefits of Different vitamins in Neurobion Forte Tablet:

All the B-vitamins run the functions of body cells properly including the nerve cells, brain cells, and skin cells. Here are some individual benefits as well as the proportional amount of each of these vitamins in Neurobion forte tablet. 

  1. Vitamin B1 (thiamine), 10 milligrams (mg)

This vitamin assists the body in carrying many enzyme processes. It also helps in the production of neurotransmitters. Moreover, it supports improving the functions of the heart and nerve cells. The breakdown of sugar in the diet is also due to this vitamin. That is why its deficiency can lead to loss of appetite, nerve degeneration while can ultimately cause beriberi.

  1. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), 10 mg

It helps in antioxidant activity and plays a main role in the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to produce energy. Furthermore, it is also needed in the production of red blood cells.

  1. Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide), 45 mg

This vitamin is necessary for coenzyme activation and the synthesis of macromolecules. That helps to maintain healthy skin and nerves. In addition to that, it regulates the cellular antioxidant actions and helps in tissue respiration.

  1. Vitamin B5 (calcium pantothenate), 50 mg

It helps in the formation of enzymes that plays a very important role in various metabolic activities such as proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. This vitamin also helps in the production of hormones and cholesterol.

  1. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), 3 mg

Humans cannot produce this vitamin in the body so this means that it is an essential vitamin to be obtained from the diet. This vitamin helps in burning calories, strengthening the immunity system, improving metabolism, as well as supporting the various functions of the nervous system, and many more. Its deficiency can cause anemia.

  1. Vitamin B12 (cobalamin), 15 micrograms (mcg)

This vitamin helps in the synthesis of DNA and its maturation. It strengthens the nervous system. It also converts homocysteine to methionine which is very important for the protection of the heart. Furthermore, it maintains structural integrity and aids the formation of red blood cells. Its lacking can cause megaloblastic anemia and some other neurological problems.

Neurobion Forte tablet composition

Neurobion Forte Tablet Uses

There are lots of uses of Neurobion forte which can compensate for numerous diseases caused by the deficiency of B vitamins in the human body. 

Some of the most common problems that are at a major risk of B vitamin deficiencies include the following:

  1. Risk of anemia
  2. Fatigue
  3. Weight loss
  4. Headache
  5. Mouth ulcers
  6. Tingling sensation in limbs
  7. Dementia
  8. Depression
  9. Confusion
  10. Dry skin
  11. Kidney problems
  12. Liver problems 
  13. Poor immune system
  14. Hair loss and many more

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This list of problems can be cut off only by using Neurobion Forte Injection or Tablet. Therefore, we can say that this tablet is used to

  1. Strengthens the immune system
  2. Improve metabolism
  3. Maintain healthy skin and hair
  4. Promote liver functions
  5. Improves the nervous system function
  6. Helpful in general debility and weakness
  7. Help in keeping the nerve impairment away
  8. And most importantly for the treatment of B-complex vitamin deficiency.

Neurobion Forte Dosage 

You should take your daily dose according to the direction of your physician. This medicine is taken orally either with or without food, but at a fixed time. Do not take its overdose as it can be harmful. 

Usually, physicians suggest taking it along with Paracetamol. Still, they always recommend you to read the directions written on its back before taking it. 

How to take Neurobion?

Neurobion is a famous nutritional supplement that should be taken daily. It is in the form of a tablet which is very easy to swallow with water. Generally, people intake one tablet per day. 

Precautions and warning of Neurobion Forte Tablet 

  • Don’t take this medicine if you have any disease condition, or you are taking any other supplements following your health state.
  • You should avoid Neurobion forte if you are allergic to any of its components
  • In addition to that, you must stop taking it if you are going to any surgery or operation at least 2-3 weeks before the surgical procedure.
  • Vitamin supplements are the substitute for some diets but they should not be taken as a complete substitution for a well-balanced varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


There might be some interaction possibilities of Neurobion forte because usually, drugs have different effects on different people

Missed Dose.

If by chance you miss your daily routine dose, take it as soon as you remember it. If it is the time of the next dose then skip the forgotten dose and take your next dose at your regular schedule. Do not take a double dose of Neurobion forte.


Don’t overdose on this medicine. Always follow your doctor’s instructions. The overdose of this medicine can cause difficulty in breathing and many other respiratory problems. 

Who should take Neurobion?

The main advantage of Neurobion is that it can help prevent B vitamins deficiencies in those people who are not intaking it through their diet. Some other people who are at great risk of vitamin B deficiency include individuals who

  1. eat restricted diets with no animal products, such as vegan or vegetarian diets
  2. are pregnant
  3. take certain medications that reduce vitamin B levels in the body
  4. are over the age of 50
  5. have had gastric bypass surgeries ever in their life

All these above-mentioned types of people should take vitamin B supplements especially Neurobion forte to cover their deficiency.

Moreover, sometimes intaking Neurobion only is not enough. In such severe cases, the patient is given a high dose of supplement tablets under the guidance of doctors. Doctors after diagnosing suggest a dose of medicine for treatment. Most commonly such cases occur when any person is suffering from severe nerve problems. 

Quick tips for Neurobion Forte Tablet

  1. Take a healthy diet that has all the essential nutrients
  2. Take the medicine in time according to your routine
  3. Follow the instructions of your doctor if yo use Neurobion forte tablets. 
  4. Tell your doctor all the medicines you are already taking as they may affect the absorbance and functionality of each other
  5. Read the label carefully and the amount of dosage as it should not exceed the suggested amount
  6. Always use this supplement under the supervision of your doctor

Neurobion Forte Tablet Storage and safety information

  • Store Neurobion Forte tablets in a dry and cool place (below25oC)
  • Protect it from moisture
  • Keep out of range of children
  • Keep it in shady areas away from direct exposure to sunlight
  • Protect it from heat
  • Keep Neurobion forte tablets away from pets also

Neurobion Forte Tablet Benefits

As already discussed, Neurobion forte is generally used for the treatment of B-vitamin deficiencies and maintaining their levels in the body, so the following are some of the significant obtained from it. 

  1. Improves the nervous system working
  2. Strengthens the immune system
  3. Neurobion forte Helps in the improvement of metabolism
  4. Improves live functions
  5. Facilitate the release of energy from the food
  6. Promotes the formation of red blood cells
  7. Improves the health of hair and skin
  8. Gives relief from mouth ulcers.
  9. Neurobion forte Helps in improving symptoms of arthritis and depression
  10. Keeps the level of vitamins well-balanced
  11. Neuropathic pain can be reduced by it
  12. Maintains the level of essential nutrients in the body and many more
Neurobion Forte Benefits

Is Neurobion Forte safe?

Yes, it is safe when taken according to the advice of doctors. Not many side effects of it have been reported by the individuals consuming it. But if you take its overdose you may suffer from

  • Excessive urination
  • Diarrhea
  • Nerve damage and many more 

Risks and warnings of Neurobion Forte

B vitamins are mostly safe for people. These vitamins are water-soluble which means that they do not build up in the tissues very well. The human can easily remove any excess vitamins through the urine.

Although they are non-toxic and cause no harm to the body, yet its overdose can be dangerous and can cause numerous side effects. 

Therefore, people who are already taking medication should consult their doctor before starting taking this supplement. It is important because consuming different supplements at the same time can cause interference.

Neurobion Forte Side Effects

Neurobion Forte tablets are generally safe without any hard and fast side effects. But in some cases, it may cause harm to your body if you ingest it with some other medicines. So, you should always consult your doctor to avoid drug interaction.

The best thing to avoid any harmful side effects is that you should also know the natural sources of vitamins apart from supplementing medicines. Because the more natural the more it is safer for you. 

The deficiency of B vitamins can cause a wide range of problems. If you do not cover that deficiency, you can face the following side effects of Neurobion Forte:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Depression
  3. Unintended weight loss
  4. Headache
  5. Dementia
  6. Heart failure
  7. Kidney problems
  8. Skin problems
  9. Hair loss
  10. Liver diseases
  11. Nerve damage with nerve pain
  12. Tingling in hands and feet and many more

FAQS How long can I take the Neurobion Forte tablet?

Ans: It is enriched with vitamin B complex and minerals that help to maintain many body functions of muscles, nerves, heart, digestive system, and many more. In addition to that, it also aids in building the immunity system and strengthening it over time. So, people can use it for longer periods without any worries. Can I take Neurobion Forte for arthritis?

Ans: Yes, you can because it contains vitamins and minerals that help to maintain bone health, cartilage, joints, and as well as strengthens the immune system. Does Neurobion Forte help in depression?

Ans: Yes, it helps in relieving the depression caused due to low levels of vitamin B12. Moreover, when it is consumed with other antidepressants it can produce some unique brain chemicals like serotonin that affect mood and other brain functions. Can I take this tablet for back pain?

Ans: Yes, it works in back pain that usually happens due to sedentary lifestyles incorporating long sitting hours. In addition to that, back pain can also be the result of nerve damage which can be due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Thus, a Neurobion forte can help in restoring and maintaining nerve health. Can I take this supplementing tablet daily?

Ans: Yes, absolutely you can take this tablet on daily basis. You may sometimes go missing essential nutrients from your daily diet but this supplement helps in maintaining the level of all the vital nutrients in the body. Can I take Neurobion Forte  for weight gain?

Ans: No, Neurobion forte is not for gaining weight. Although it may improve your appetite, it is not responsible for weight gain. If you want to gain weight then you should improve the number of calories in your diet what is Neurobion Forte used for?

Ans: Without any doubt, it is the most recommended medicine for all the treatments and prevention of vitamin B deficiencies. It’s each tablet contains B complex vitamins that improve several different bodily functions like the roles of the nervous system, immune system, maintaining bones and joint health, treating mouth ulcers, and many more. What are the side effects of this tablet?

Ans: Mostly it has no side effects when it is taken according to the advice of a doctor. But its higher dose can cause diarrhea, nerve damage, and excessive urination. When should I take Neurobion forte? 

Ans: You should take this tablet according to your doctor’s advice. And as it is an oral medicine so it can be taken either with or without food, better at a fixed time. In addition, if you are taking any other medicine then the dose and timing of this medication can be adjusted accordingly. Is Neurobion forte tablet good for nerve pain?

Ans: The vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 are all included in this medicine. These vitamins help to improve nerve function and also aid in the treatment of nerve impairment and thus reduces pain.

The Bottom Line

Neurobion forte is a product that is very beneficial for people in preventing their bodies from B –vitamin deficiencies. People who get enough B vitamins in their diet need it less as compared to those who miss them in their diets. That is why it is necessary for individuals who are not taking B vitamins in sufficient amounts through natural means.

For people who have B vitamin deficiency, taking a Neurobion forte may help in improving their overall health. It is proven the best for improving their memory, energy level, metabolism, immune function, and offering them a number of other health benefits. But remember, it is always a good practice to consult your health physician before going to take any kind of medicines or dietary supplements. 

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