Physical strength: How to maintain it?

There are times when you are wondering what kind of method is best for improving your physical strength. Therefore, this time, we will thoroughly explain the points to check before building physical fitness, how to easily build physical strength, how to build endurance, and tips for building physical fitness! Please review your exercise, diet, sleep, etc. and try to improve your physical fitness easily.

“Two” points to check before gaining physical strength

There are many people who feel that they are not physically fit these days and want to improve their physical fitness.

However, even if you vaguely improve your physical strength, you don’t really know what to start with. First of all, it is important to check your physical condition and then plan your strategy to find out what is effective.

Let’s see what to check to decide the direction of physical fitness.

Point ① Confirm whether to acquire “physical strength” or “endurance”

The same method is not effective for everyone, even if it is to improve physical fitness.

If you don’t train after determining the difference between “physical strength”, “endurance”, and both, you may end up with wasted effort .

First of all, it is important to check your physical condition and decide whether you need “physical strength” or “endurance” .

What is the definition of “physical strength”?

Physical strength is the basic physical ability required for exercise and physical activity in daily life. 

  • Muscle strength: The power to move muscles
  • Coordinating power: The power required to use the body well
  • Instantaneous power: Power that can be pulled out instantaneously
  • Endurance: The ability to withstand exercise and external factors for a long time

It is divided into four, and each force supports each exercise. Not limited to muscular strength, the four strengths decline with age around the age of 15, so training is required just to maintain them.

Even if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s, if you work hard on muscle training and aerobic exercise, your physical fitness will improve, so first of all, be aware that you should work within a reasonable range. 

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What is the definition of “endurance”?

Endurance includes cardiopulmonary endurance and muscular endurance.

  • Cardiopulmonary endurance: Physical strength that allows you to continue a certain amount of exercise for a long time.
  • Muscle endurance: The endurance of muscles that perform the same movements.

Regarding muscular endurance, it is often referred to as muscular strength, and endurance mainly refers to cardiopulmonary endurance. Endurance refers to the strength and physical strength that can withstand long hours of exercise and continuous burdens and loads, and can also be rephrased as stamina or tenacity .

It is closely related to the ability of aerobic exercise, and you can expect to improve your ability by doing aerobic training such as running.

Point (2) Be aware of continuation in your 30s, 40s, and 50s

When you are in your 30s, 40s, and 50s, your physical strength and endurance will decline year by year, unlike when you were young.

Many people will be short of breath just by going up and down the stairs due to lack of stamina, and many will be shocked by their aged body.

Unlike when you were young, it is most important to “continue exercising” in order to strengthen your weakened body. The point is that you can do simple exercises, so keep going .

By consciously doing exercises that are easy to continue in your daily life, you can prevent the decline of physical strength and endurance and improve your physical condition.

Tips for building physical strength / endurance. Get fit in an effective way!

There are many ways to improve your physical fitness, but it is better to learn a solid and effective method before exercising than to do it properly.

Also, if a beginner suddenly engages in hard or difficult exercise, the exercise itself becomes stressful and cannot be continued.

Therefore, I would like to introduce some tips that I would like people who start building physical strength and endurance to check .

Tips for building physical fitness ① Exercise at a fixed time of the day

At the beginning of exercising to improve your physical condition, everyone is enthusiastic, so you may work hard for a long time. However, if you suddenly exercise for a long time, it may cause muscle pain or damage to your body.

First of all, let’s set the time that you can work on in a day within a reasonable range. At first, a little time such as 15 minutes a day is fine. Once you get used to it, you can just extend the time of the day or change to a slightly more stressful exercise.

For those in their 20s who are new to training and those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who haven’t exercised for a long time, let’s start by putting a load on the body.

Tips for building physical strength ② If you are lacking in exercise, start with simple exercise

Most people who are aware that they are lacking in exercise have weakened muscle strength and endurance.

Even if you suddenly try to exercise hard, you can’t continue for a long time due to lack of stamina, so start with a simple exercise.

For example, it is recommended that you can do it while incorporating it into your daily life, such as walking around the house or exercising up and down stairs. In order to gradually improve your physical strength, do not suddenly exercise hard, but start with a simple exercise that is easy to continue.

Tips for building physical strength ③ Continue to become a habit

To be honest, if you want to improve your physical strength, it is difficult to get the effect just by exercising occasionally. As the human body grows to withstand the given load, cardiopulmonary function and muscular strength gradually increase, and physical fitness is strengthened.

If you can’t exercise continuously, limit your schedule first. For example, if you decide on a schedule such as “go to the gym on Wednesday”, it will become commonplace to exercise, so it will be easier to continue.

Exercise that may seem daunting at first can be continued as a matter of course once it becomes a habit and becomes a part of your life.

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Tips for building physical fitness ④ Short breaks and train

Even people who want to exercise but can’t take a long time can exercise effectively even in a short time by incorporating interval training.

Interval training is a high-intensity and low-intensity exercise that is effective in a short period of time , with breaks in between . If the interval is too short, it will start with a load remaining on your body, so it is best to change it according to the intensity of the exercise you are working on.

It’s also part of Jim’s studio program to make it easier for people who find it difficult to plan for themselves.

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Tips for building physical strength ⑤ If you want to improve muscle endurance, do muscle training

Even if you exercise to improve your physical strength and improve your cardiopulmonary capacity, if you lack muscular endurance, you will not be able to keep up with long hours of exercise. For example, the cardiopulmonary ability required to complete a full marathon can be acquired through other exercises such as swimming, but the muscular endurance to run is basically acquired only by running.

If you want to build muscle endurance quickly and efficiently, muscle training is recommended. Let’s do muscle training while incorporating ideas for the meal menu.

Muscle training points 1. Push to the limit

When doing muscle training, train rhythmically and repeatedly with a load that allows you to do 20 to 30 times in a row. By repeatedly pushing to the limit with a load that is not too heavy, you can effectively increase your muscular endurance without gaining muscle weight.

It is said that when the load is continuously applied to the muscles and the limit is reached, the muscles called pump-up become inflated, which easily leads to muscle growth. However, please be aware that overdoing muscle training will not only lead to injuries, but will also reduce your motivation for training.

Muscle training points 2. As you get used to it, gradually increase the time and load

As you become accustomed to the method of muscle training, you will gradually understand which muscle training is effective for which part and how long it is best.

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