Precautions for Exercising with a Treadmill (Treadmill Walking Mistakes to Avoid)

Exercising with a Treadmill

A treadmill can be risky if you use it incorrectly or do not take any precautionary measures. You can have the safest treadmill, but a pleasant activity can turn into an injury if you’re negligent. 

Exercising on a treadmill is a great idea when the weather is not good. Plus, the exerciser’s leg joints are less susceptible to stress by running on a treadmill. 

However, choosing a right treadmill as per your need is vital, Shapewhizz can help in this regards.  it’s also necessary to keep children away from the treadmill at all times. Also, don’t ever leave the key in the equipment when not used.

Today’s generation enjoys using treadmills for the workout. They click the power to proceed walking. It may sound very simple. But in reality, treadmills workout is not that easy; they require so much skill while using. 

Since we all know about using treadmills, there are so many incidents of physical injury. As a result, we must be careful while exercising. In the following, we have compiled some preventive measures to use treadmills.

Avoid Looking Down

It’s common for treadmill users to keep an eye on their feet, specifically if they’re novices. Trainers who look to the sides or down during a workout are more prone to losing balance. 

Many users’ feet pursue their eyes, so focusing to the side is probably shifting feet to the side. Although, the proper running position is with the head straight and eyes forward. If you have to be entertained while running, make sure your movie or book is in front of you.

Avoid Holding Handrails 

It’s alright for an exerciser to hold the handrails when fatigued from the treadmill’s motion. But avoid using the handrails for a longer duration, which can add extra stress on shoulders and arms. 

Besides that, it also indicates that the pace or incline is adjusted too high and uncomfortable. Holding handrails can disturb an exerciser’s balance, increasing their risk of knee and ankle injuries. 

It does not help burn calories completely as the core muscles do not participate. Flexibly running is a more healthy activity that burns fat.


Lack of proper warm-up activity can also aggravate pain in the muscles. To maintain a workout, you must always have sufficient warm-up before exercise. You can stretch your neck, arms and legs before running.

Furthermore, if you do not do warm-up exercises, the cardiac muscle will not instantly respond to higher-intensity workouts. So you can face uncomfortable feelings such as rapid heartbeat and lightheadedness. 

The method to warm up is to do some stretching to let the body adjust, and then slowly walk for some minutes to let the heart muscle adjust.

Adequate Water Intake

It is preferred to drink water every 15 minutes during a workout, but not that much at once. Due to inadequate air, exercising on a treadmill loses more water than exercising outside. As a result, when exercising, you should keep water close at hand. 

You can take any energy drink pre or post-exercise to increase your running performance. A major benefit of a treadmill workout is that you don’t require to carry water, and you can rehydrate at any time.

Don’t Run Barefoot

The walking belt creates heat and resistance; therefore, feet must be covered. Exercisers who run barefoot treadmills suffer from rashes, scratches, and sores.

Moreover, it is important to wear nice sized shoes during a workout. Since these shoes work as cushions and take pressure off of the joints. Feet can easily be stuck in the walking belt, and major injury could happen.

It is also crucial to wear footwear at the fitness centre since bacteria can be circulated barefoot. It’s also just unhygienic. Many trainers do not allow their members to use workout tools without footwear.

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