Semen Retention, Its Benefits & FAQs

Are you interested in all the fuss around semen retention and nofap ? Wondering if there are any benefits? Keep reading to seek out.

Are you wondering what’s semen retention is and why many theories in India are built around this practice? Looking to undertake out of nofap because it’s vogue but frightened of the potential risks? Want to know the way to hold sperms for an extended time? We’ve got you covered.

What is Semen Retention?

Semen retention means abstinence from ejaculation. It’s the practice of intentionally not ejaculating or avoiding ejaculation. To try to do this, a private must find out how to possess an orgasm without ejaculating or abstaining from sexual intercourse entirely.

Now you would possibly think that this is often a somewhat new practice with the nofap timeline doing the rounds on social media, but that’s not the case. Semen or sperm retention goes way back in history and Ayurveda, and supposedly it enhances physical, spiritual, and emotional energy in men.

Seminal conservation, coitus reservatus, and sexual continence are a number of the opposite names of semen retention.

Wondering if you ought to practice sperm retention and what happens if you hold in your semen for an extended time? Keep reading as we cover sperm retention benefits, sperm retention science, and nofap powers.

Is Semen Retention also Included in several Practices?

Yes. Here are a couple of practices during which semen retention may be a part of the larger idea of life.

  • Maithuna-Hindu Tantric
  • Karezza-Italian
  • Sahaja- Hindu Yoga
  • Tantra-Hinduism and Buddhism

Semen Retention Vs Nofap

Although these two get utilized in an equivalent context, they’re different.

Nofap came from the ‘Fap’, which within the millennial lingo means the sound of masturbation. Nofap is additionally the name of a corporation that started with the only purpose of providing support and knowledge to individuals looking to get over overpowering sexual behaviour.

They also assist people looking to enhance their relationships. Therein sense, the main target of nofap is on finishing the dependency on porn and not just semen retention.

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How is Semen Retention Done?

To practice semen retention, you’ll either clearly abstain from sex or learn the technique to possess an orgasm without ejaculating.

Semen Retention Benefits

The benefits of not ejaculating are threefold. Here are some of benefits of sperm retention 

1. Mental Benefits of Sperm Retention

Sperm retention has some mental benefits which are:

  • Controlled anxiety may be a mental advantage of sperm retention
  • Increased confidence may be a mental advantage of sperm retention
  • More self-control may be a mental advantage of sperm retention
  • Enhanced memory may be a mental advantage of sperm retention
  • Improved concentration and focus may be a mental advantage of sperm retention
  • More energy may be a mental advantage of sperm retention

2. Spiritual Benefits of Sperm Retention

Some of the spiritual benefits of conserving semen include:

  1. Increased happiness may be a spiritual advantage of sperm retention
  2. Deeper relationships may be a spiritual advantage of sperm retention
  3. A greater sense of purpose may be a spiritual advantage of sperm retention
  4. A sense of harmony  spiritually may be a spiritual advantage of sperm retention

3. Physical Benefits of Sperm Retention

Physical benefits of sperm retention include the following:

  1. Glowing skin may be a physical advantage of sperm retention
  2. Increased testosterone may be a physical advantage of sperm retention
  3. More muscle mass may be a physical advantage of sperm retention
  4. Enhanced sperm quality may be a physical advantage of sperm retention
  5. Deeper voice may be a physical advantage of sperm retention

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, here are a couple of more potential sperm retention benefits.

4. Semen Retention May Increase the Intensity of Orgasm

Many people believe that abstaining from ejaculation for a big period allows you to experience orgasm with more intensity.

5. Semen Retention Helps With ejaculation

To prolong their sexual activities, guys affected by ejaculation can use edging or similar activities. Over time, the urge to ejaculate might get away.

6. Semen Retention May Increase Fertility in Men

Some people believe that sperm retention may enhance fertility in men, but there’s not enough research to prove it wrong. However, a study conducted in 2015 concluded that ejaculating daily doesn’t have any negative implications on the sperm quality of men.

Ideal Time To Practice Semen Retention

There is not any duration for practicing sperm retention. It depends upon person to person. Before you begin practicing semen retention or nofap, consider your reasons.

Do not, at any cost, enjoy this practice for the incorrect reasons. If it works for you, keep going. However, if it doesn’t, stop right then. Consult knowledge just in case of emergencies.

Are There Any Potential Risks associated with Semen Retention?

For all those wondering, ‘Is seminal retention harmful’? There is not any proof that sperm retention is risky. However, it’s going to cause Epididymal hypertension or other ejaculation-related problems.

If you are feeling it’s benefiting your health, continue by all means. But if you’re feeling any sort of uneasiness, pain, or ejaculation issues associated with the activity, it’s best to offer it up.

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When it involves how frequently one must ejaculate, there are not any set rules. At an equivalent time, men can prefer to abstain from ejaculating for as long as they want to try to.

Scientifically there has been little evidence proving the potential benefits or health risks of semen retention. That’s why individuals should find out what works best for their bodies.


1. Does sperm retention increase testosterone?

There are several studies conducted thereon. The National Library of drugs study proves that sperm retention increases testosterone.

2. Can guys feel when sperm is coming out?

Yes, guys can feel when sperm is beginning. However, with pre-cum, guys cannot always tell.

3. Can guys control how briskly they come?

Many men struggle to regulate how briskly they are available and suffer from ejaculation. However, there are various techniques to manage an equivalent.

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