Best weight gain medicine for female

Best weight gain medicine for female

Weight gain medicine is gaining more and more popularity. Often they are acquired by men who are intensively engaged in bodybuilding, or women who want to hide congenital thinness. Typically, these pills are based on hormones with insulin and anabolic steroids. This helps to increase body weight from 10 to 15 kg already within 1 month of their use according to the instructions. First of all we will discuss when to use weight gain medicine and what requirements are, then explore some effective drugs to gain weight.

Weight gain medicine

To grow muscle mass or gain weight, people resort to proper nutrition, combining it with vigorous training. However, the desired result is in most cases delayed. To speed up the process and achieve the set goals – the formation of beautiful, voluminous, rounded shapes, they begin to additionally take drugs for gaining body weight.

Main properties and indications for use

Literally all pills that help a girl or a guy get fat are based on the activation of two processes:

  • synthesis of protein components;
  • the growth of muscle fibers, cells and tissues.

Thanks to this, the drug that affects weight gain does not particularly increase mass due to the accumulation of fat, but, on the contrary, contributes to the development and formation of the muscle corset. When one hormone is raised, the other is suppressed, and the growth of one’s own body weight increases due to the activation of somatotropin (stimulation of growth secretion).

The indications for use are the same for both men and girls:

  • destruction of tissues, cellular organs – muscle dystrophy;
  • violation of the metabolism of fats synthesized in the liver – lipids;
  • aggravation and impairment of protein metabolism;
  • anorexia of varying degrees and stages;
  • inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Also, weight gain medicine is relevant for improving metabolic processes. It does not matter how well and how well the assimilation of food goes. The main thing is to maintain a lifestyle: sedentary or physical, active.

Many people confuse pharmaceutical supplement pills with dietary supplements from sports nutrition. Therefore, it is worth knowing that the nutritional supplements used in sports nutrition are similar only in some of the constituent components and the function of their purpose – for gaining weight.

Weight gain drugs

You can effectively gain weight with the help of pills, knowing their detailed description, correct use and side effects.

After all, pharmaceutical preparations are diverse. Some are best suited for women, while others are best suited for security, bodybuilding athletes. Therefore, we will figure out which pills can be used to gain weight for men and women.

For men

Pills designed for weight gain for men are called steroids in medicine. These drugs are effective for increasing muscle mass and, consequently, body weight in general in men.

  • Andriol – Andriol (Aveed, Reandron, Nebido-R, Pantestone). Undecanoic acid and testosterone ester help regulate protein metabolism and accelerate muscle growth.
  • Methyltestosterone – Methyltestosterone (Auroral, Hormale, Oreton, Testoral). It is a synthetic steroid hormone that prevents the full exit of water from the body. Due to the accumulation and increase of fluid, the increase in mass occurs very quickly.
  • Methandienone – Metandienonum (Dianabol, Anabolin, Novabol, Danabol, Perabol). A real doping steroid that increases appetite.

For women

Drugs most suitable for weight gain for women:

  • Dydrogesterone (Duphaston, Duphaston). Such drugs are prescribed to restore hormonal balance in women. Weight gain is a side effect of taking it.
  • Chloe. Contraceptive. In addition to preventing pregnancy, the capsules correct and restore hormonal levels. At the same time, women noticeably increase their own body weight.
  • Brewer’s yeast, Peritol, Oksandrolon, Nutrison are the most harmless female preparations for fast weight gain.

Vitamins and Minerals for Weight Gain

Vitamins and minerals are safe and harmless supplements. Their huge advantage, which antimetabolites do not have (drugs that affect the metabolic rate for weight gain – Fluorouracil, PASK, Sulfanilamide) – purchase without a prescription. There are no side effects from them.

As a rule, mineral and vitamin complexes are produced in the form of pills. These are Alphabet, Complivit, Merz, Vitrum, Centrum and others. You can also purchase injections for weight gain: vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, E.

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Is it possible harm from taking drugs

Pharmacy steroids are used only after consulting a doctor, since drugs to increase muscle mass affect the overall hormonal background. An excess of body weight has a lightning effect on an increase in cholesterol, liver function, gastrointestinal tract, and psyche.

Rating of effective weight gain medicine for female

Pharmacy medicines are used quite often in the world of professional sports. At the same time, they play only an auxiliary role in gaining mass, increasing the efficiency from power loads and accelerating recovery processes.


The drug has anabolic functions, which has a positive effect on any man. In sports, it is used for weight gain as it enhances hormones that support anabolism. Taking diabetes is the same as giving a man powerful injections for weight gain, since it is based on insulin.

Calcium Glycerophosphate

The tablets have earned high popularity among athletes, as they compensate for the calcium deficiency, increase the absorption of protein elements. Due to the active substance, body weight grows rapidly. Depending on the dosage of the drug, appetite increases, which leads to weight gain. Therefore, you need to strictly adhere to the instructions and increase the calorie content of a balanced diet.

Potassium Orotate

In sports, metabolic supplements are believed to be the best for gaining lean muscle mass without excess fat. These include orotic acid – a mineral salt that replenishes the function of protein metabolism. That is why these pills are often used by power workers for gaining muscle weight. In addition to being used for rapid weight gain, the pills replenish energy balance after exercise. The tablets are sold at the pharmacy.


Effective pills that can quickly help a male athlete to regulate metabolism. It is a pharmacy-based source of potassium and magnesium for weight gain, cramps, and performance. You can buy such a medicine for gaining weight at any pharmacy. But such remedies must be treated with extreme caution. Improper intake of asparkam and a balanced diet can trigger weight loss.


Improves energy metabolism, blood circulation and regenerates muscle tissue. Helps gain weight when combined with drugs such as potassium orotate. Additionally, it can be taken to increase heart contractions, treat arrhythmias.

Fish fat

This is the same as omega-3 supplements from sports nutrition. Without fish oil, a course of any pharmacy weight gain medicine will not be effective. After all, it replenishes essential carbohydrates and fats that affect tissue metabolism in the muscles.


Prophylactic energy bars known all over the world. Athletes use them to restore and increase red blood cells, iron, vitamins and minerals. Due to the replenishment of carbohydrate and fat elements, such delicious preparations are indispensable in sports. After all, their high calorie content is directly related to weight gain. Their great advantage is that they are available without a prescription, as opposed to steroid pills for increasing body weight.

Brewer’s yeast

These are a kind of dietary supplement, consisting of 40% pure proteins and amino acids. Thanks to this composition, they are used for weight gain. The remaining 60% of the composition is accounted for by vitamins B, P and D, which help to fill the body with copper, selenium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus.

Specialist recommendations

Almost every professional bodybuilder takes medications to restore strength, balance metabolism and, of course, gain weight. However, the use of such funds must be approached with caution.

Therefore, advanced athletes recommend:

  • before starting the appointment, you must undergo a medical examination, check the compatibility of the components;
  • improper diet and weight gain pills can lead to improper metabolism;
  • In addition, the process of training, power loads must be competently built.

The main thing is to remember that the wrong reception is dangerous to human health. After all, most of the tablets increase the general tone of the body, affect anabolic hormones, which greatly affects the psycho emotional state.

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