What 6 things should you enquire about during your first IVF treatment?

first IVF treatment

Are you planning on going to the IVF Doctor at the IVF center in Ahmedabad for the first time? Congratulations, then! for taking the initial step toward treatment for infertility. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to ask questions. 

The fertility professionals will personally and emotionally soothe and guide you. The issue is not when you ask questions but when you remain blank and hesitate in a constructive dialogue. 

IVF Pregnancy goes well for people who realize realities before embarking on the trip rather than circling around falsehoods. So, when you go to see an IVF expert for the first time, express yourself. 

What should you do if you’re stumped? Continue reading the blog to understand the questions you ask your doctor at the infertility clinic before treatment.

Is there a maximum age for treatment?

Many clinics have their own age limit and usually have distinct reasons for doing so. PFCLA does not have an age limit for people seeking IVF therapy; nonetheless, it is critical to meet with one of our doctors first to discuss your unique situation and treatment strategy. 

In the field of IVF, success rates decline as the danger of pregnancy difficulties increases. To estimate the chance of success, each patient is individually examined and considered a variety of parameters. Skilled physicians and a competent team will assist you at every step of the process to ensure your success.

Which tests are conducted prior to beginning IVF treatment?

The tests will be run to determine what drugs would be required, particularly in the case of any deficiencies or health conditions. As a result, the following tests will be performed to assess your health. Examine your blood sugar level, blood group, the existence of liver health, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and other factors.

The doctor will ensure that a woman’s body is healthy enough to carry a pregnancy to term. A battery of tests may be performed to rule out PCOS, ovulation status, and ovarian reserve. Men may also be subjected to a variety of tests, including sperm analysis, before beginning the IVF center in Ahmedabad.

How long should the IVF procedure take from start to finish?

The usual duration of the egg retrieval stimulation cycle is 10-14 days. However, this might vary depending on how the patient’s body reacts to the drugs. This timeframe begins when the patient takes ovarian stimulation medication and ends with the egg retrieval process. 

After the embryos have been fertilized and biopsied, it takes around two weeks to obtain the genetic testing results. In order to plan a cycle for embryo transfer, the doctors will need to have the results of the embryos. When it comes to FET (Frozen embryo transfer) cycles, each case is unique owing to a variety of circumstances.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the odds of successful IVF cycles?

While your doctor is better able to give precise advice depending on your medical history, there are a few things you may take to improve your odds. 

To begin, you should include low-intensity exercise and a well-balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and BMI for your age and height. Maintain a modest stress level since excessive cortisol (stress hormone) levels might make it difficult to conceive. It is very encouraging to abstain from smoking and drinking.

What is the cost of IVF treatment?

Although the cost of an IVF center in Ahmedabad in India is lower than in most other nations, it is still out of reach for many people. Consult your doctor about the specifics of each treatment cycle and any additional fees for medications and operations. 

Many IVF clinics now offer payment plans and other financial assistance to reduce the financial load. As a result, it is critical to choose clinics that can deliver high-quality care at reasonable prices.

What strategy is used to select embryos for transfer? Would you advocate a transfer on day 3 or day 5, and why?

There is a grading system for choosing embryos with the best likelihood of survival. Inquire about their system, how many embryos they recommend transferring simultaneously, and how they handle cryopreservation if any remain. 

Make careful to get clarity on the difference between a day 3 and a day 5 transfer and the benefits of each.


If you’re ready to begin IVF, this is your most pressing question! Consult your doctor about the waiting list and any other requirements you may have. Other  IVF center questions in Ahmedabad might include Your medical history, risk factors, and any additional drugs or supplements you are taking.

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