What are the best dental implants?

What are the best dental implants?

What are dental implants?  

Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are implanted into the bone of the upper or lower jaw. Once the implants are in place, the dentist can attach the dentures to them.

Why is it so difficult for a patient to decide on the choice of dental implants?

To make it easier to understand this issue, ratings of manufacturers of dental implants are regularly created and updated. One of them will be presented below. When compiling it, the following indicators were taken into account:

  • price
  • survival rate in%
  • global market share
  • range
  • reviews of doctors and patients.

Best dental implants by country

The best are those that are suitable for a specific clinical case. But if we start from the world statistics based on the choice of doctors, we get the following list:


Nobel Biocare and Straumann occupy 50-60% of the market. Another 30% is shared by Zimmer and a number of other manufacturers. 10% are launched by some small companies.


Here the first three places are occupied by Strauman, Nobel and Astra Tek Dentsply Sirona (60% of the market). About 5-7% remains with Zimmer, and the rest belongs to local manufacturers, for example, German, which produce the popular Ankylos and Xive lines.


Models of the premium segment (from the USA and Switzerland) are in demand; from the middle segment of dental implants, Osstem (South Korea) and Mis (Israel) can be distinguished as the most popular in Russia.

What is the basis for the rating?

Let’s single out the 6 most weighty criteria:


On average, the “price tag” of premium dental implants is almost 2 times higher than that of business and economy class models. However, due to increasing competition, the trend is gradually changing, and market leaders are gradually releasing inexpensive counterparts, reducing the price of premium systems.

Survival rate

Its percentage is calculated based on research carried out by reputable organizations. The longer the brand has been on the market, the more accurate the survival rate is, since more patient observations have been made.


Not only the reviews of doctors, patients and reputable scientists are taken into account. The number of studies devoted to this brand significantly affects this indicator.


Only a few manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty. The rest are limited to 5 – 25 years.

Range of implantation 

Is it possible to use its products in diabetes mellitus, pronounced atrophy of bone tissue or in another difficult clinical situation?

Market coverage

Emphasis on manufacturers from the USA and Europe, since most countries are guided by them (including Russia).

Dental implants rating

Our rating includes the most common premium systems in Russia, as well as business and economy class brands.

Top manufacturers of premium implant systems

Implants Astra Tech

Dentsply Sirona is known for its premium line of Swedish Astra Tech implants (launched in the USA, Sweden and Germany). The company also offers a wide range of business grade titanium rods. The share in the world market reaches 15%.

Straumann implants

Swiss company Straumann Group. It is not only the world leader in the production of dental implants (market share – 24-29%), but also a pioneer in the development of innovative treatment concepts, thanks to which the healing time of an artificial titanium root is halved. The assortment includes expensive and more affordable products.

Nobel dental implants

Nobel Biocare (Headquartered in Switzerland, main production in the USA). This company accounts for almost 1/5 of the world market. Nobel is the developer of the popular All-on-4 implantation protocol, Zygoma zygomatic implants and other unique concepts. All Nobel Biocare product lines emphasize excellent aesthetics and effective solutions to any clinical situation.

Zimmer Implants

Zimmer Biomet (7% of the market). The company is known for being the only one in the world to develop and manufacture trabecular implants from tantalum (material with the highest biocompatibility and survival rate). The production of high-quality implantation systems is concentrated in the USA and Switzerland.

The best business and economy class dental implants

Osstem Implants

Artificial teeth roots from South Korea, where they rank first in terms of sales (5th in the world). Osstem Implant is one of the most popular brands in Russia. The company owes its popularity to its flexible pricing policy and the best price-quality ratio.


High-quality lines of Tapered Plus, Tapered Pro and Tapered 3.0 posts from the American company Biohorizons, which has been successfully operating in the dental products market for 23 years (since 1997). Biohorizons are known in many countries, including Russia.

AnyOne and Anyridge implants

South Korean implants AnyOne and Anyridge (economy / business class), developed by Megagen Implants. The former are suitable for all treatment protocols. The latter are suitable for immediate implantation even with serious bone defects.

Xive and Ankylos dental implants

Two lines of business-class artificial teeth: Xive and Ankylos. All systems have a high survival rate. They are produced by the German division of Dentsply Sirona. The quality of the implant systems of this brand is confirmed by retrospective studies and many years of successful practice in different countries.

MIS implants

Several lines of MIS implants with a lifetime warranty. They are produced from factories in Israel, France and Germany. Each year the company produces more than 1,500,000 products, while simultaneously engaging in a comprehensive study of problems in dentistry and conducting numerous studies. Their results can be found in international publications (for example, in “JOMI” or “Implant Dentistry”).

DIF implants

Budgetary DIF systems (Israel), which are successfully installed immediately after tooth extraction and are used even in difficult clinical cases, for example, with a lack of bone tissue (without bone grafting). All products of the Israeli company comply with the current international standards 9001 and 13845.

What to consider when choosing dental implants?

When choosing which dental implant to place, most patients are primarily guided by cost. The price of budget systems is almost 2 times less than that of business and premium class products. This is true, however, it should be taken into account that the latter provide better osseointegration due to the use of an advanced alloy and type of coating (for example, grade 4 and SLA). In addition, economy-class dental implants are not used in all clinical cases (in contrast to the “luxury” systems).

To determine which dental implant is best for your situation, you need to visit the dentist’s office. Only after a thorough examination will the doctor be able to recommend several options for titanium rods from different price segments.

Why can no brand guarantee 100% survival rate?

No matter how reliable a titanium rod is, it is installed in a living organism. Physiological processes take place in it, it is influenced by external factors. Therefore, it is not possible to calculate absolutely all the nuances even if you use a high-tech product. But in general, 97-99% survival rate is an excellent indicator at this stage in the development of dental medicine. In addition, whether the artificial root takes root or not often depends on whether the patient follows the doctor’s recommendations or not.

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