What is BBL Surgery? Cost, Procedure and FAQs

BBL Surgery

What is BBL Surgery?

BBL Surgery also called Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic operation applied to the buttocks for a more voluminous, natural and younger posture. The goal is to tighten the buttocks, to make the curves between the waist and the hips lighter, making them more straight and voluminous. 

BBL surgery can be done on people whose hip lines are not clear a straight line is formed between the back and the hips instead of the curvature, whose clothes don’t fit to their body due to unclear body lines. which have collapse and sagging in their buttocks and whose hip lines are smaller than their body. 

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About BBL Surgery

The purpose of BBL Surgery is not just to inject Fat into the buttocks to make them bigger, BBL Surgery is performed with such a  thought that leads to disappointment. Therefore, in the aesthetics of the hip, it’s necessary to take the body as a whole and plan accordingly. The patient’s expectations, wants and problems with his or her body must be evaluated, and the doctor and the patient must act together. 

The goal of BBL Surgery is not separate from natural look. It’s among the objectives of the operation that the butt is raised and voluminous, and to have smooth and feminine lines. 

BBL Aesthetic Application:

Before Starting your BBL Surgery procedure, your plastic surgeon will come to your room and will explain the areas where the fat will be removed with liposuction and in which parts of the buttocks it will be injected. 

BBL Surgery in the United States is performed under general anesthesia. The patient doesn’t feel any pain during the surgery. 

The procedure starts with the liposuction. The necessary fats are removed by liposuction of the anterior abdominal wall, the lateral areas and, if necessary, the back area. The important thing here is not to pull the fat to be injected into the buttocks, but to do liposuction so that the body takes the shape of an hourglass or reaches the contours of the body that the patient wants. Here, the patient’s state of health should not be ignored. In the liposuction during BBL surgery, the doctor determines the amount of fat that can be removed based on the patient’s condition. 

The fat collected is enriched with stem cells, passed through certain processes and prepared for injection.

BBL Surgery can take 2-4 hours. After the procedure, the patient is put on a corset. The insertion of a drain is necessary to more easily expel the body fluid. After being taken to your room, a butt pad helps position the buttocks more comfortably and distribute the fat collected more evenly. 

About 4 to 6 hours after your BBL surgery, your food is brought in. It’s normal to have mild pain during this time. With serum and pain reliever supplements, this period can be overcome comfortably. 

You just need to stay in the hospital for one night only for BBL surgery. If your doctor needs it, you can stay an extra night. The next day, your final checks are carried out by the plastic surgeon. 

BBL Surgery Recovery Time:

The use of the brace should be continued for 3 to 6 weeks after BBL surgery. It will take 4 to 6 months for the edema in the body to be completely removed. You will easily begin to do daily activities on the second or the third day of BBL Surgery. 

You can start walking a week after the operation. We recommend that you start intensive sports from 3 months old. 

How Many Days Should I Stay In Turkey For BBL Surgery? 

You have to stay and spend time in Turkey to aesthetically butt 5 to 6 days. You must stay in the hospital overnight on the day of surgery. On other days, you will be accommodated in your hotel under contract. 3 days after the operation, your last check will be carried out and the surgery procedure will be completed. 

Will The Fat in my Butt Go Away?

After BBL surgery, some of the fat injected into the buttockkswill melt away. This is expected. For this reason, our plastic surgeons transfer the necessary fats to the buttocks taking into account the speed of fusion. The aesthetics of the buttocks can be repeated if the patient requests it in the following years.

Do I Continue To Have Scars?

No cuts are made on the body during the BBL aesthetic. The fats are again injected into the buttocks with very fine cannulas. Because of this the scars will start to disappear in a very short time.

Who Can Have BBL Surgery? 

BBL surgery can be done on people with small buttocks, people who don’t have the necessary curvature between the back and the hip, people with low buttocks and no volume, and people with bumps and collapses in the buttocks. This can be done for anyone, male or female, who wants more pronounced body lines and straighter buttocks.

Can BBL Surgery Be Performed On Weak People

The aesthetics of the buttocks can be achieved in two ways. We make a Brazilian tip with fat injection for a more natural look. It should contain enough fat in the patient’s body. If enough fat can be removed from the hospital, the operation cannot be performed. Another method that we apply to weak patients is butt silicone.

Why Do We Perform BBL Surgery In Turkey? 

There are many reasons why we perform cosmetic buttock surgery in Turkey. All of these reasons give you an advantage. Let’s list these benefits under a few headings:

  • The price of cosmetic surgery in Turkey is lower than in many European and global countries. The big difference in exchange rate gives you a big price advantage.
  • Healthcare organizations in Turkey are led by professional teams. Experienced health consultants and organizational teams ensure a smooth health trip.
  • It is in the top 3 of the world ranking with its fully equipped hospitals and plastic surgeons.
  • The hotels we are going to stay in Istanbul are as comfortable as your home. You can devote some time to yourself to visit the historical places of Istanbul. 

BBL Surgery Price

Price aesthetic BBL made in Turkey, we offer packaged. This package includes the hotel, the VIP airport transfer reception services, your health assistant who will accompany you during operation, your medications and corsets. Your operation takes place in a class A hospital.

You can change the surgery package according to your own needs and requests. For this, you can forward these requests to our health assistant via WhatsApp or by direct phone. As a result, the price of your package will be clear. You will be able to know the prices of the aesthetic of the buttocks directly from your contact details.

BBL Surgery

Its abbreviation is BBL. It is known around the world as the Brazilian butt lift. It is the process of filling in the necessary  gaps according to hip posture, shaping the waist, stomach and back.

Brazilian Buttocks Surgery

Under the influence of genetic factors, Brazilian women with hourglass body structures are known around the world, and the reputation of Brazil, which has become an aesthetic center, plays a major role in the emergence of the name the Brazilian Butt aesthetics.

Plump hips and a slimmer waist are the summary of Brazilian butt surgery. Butt lift aesthetics, and Denim Aesthetics can appear under different names.

BBL Surgery

Buttock lift surgery can be done for many reasons such as low hip structure, weak buttocks shape. 

  • Loss of buttocks volume due to rapid weight loss after stomach reduction surgery
  • Poor structure of the butt due to genetic factors
  • Discomfort caused by a weak, flat bottom
  • Those who want to have a fuller and bigger shape of the buttocks
  • Those who want to have a a body in the sand watch look
  • The one who suffers from depression and deformities in the pop.

Duration Of BBL Surgery

The duration of BBL surgery varies from person to person, but it may also be relevant for your doctor.

Factors such as the patient’s body structure, fat levels, and the number of areas undergoing liposuction, and the small size of their buttocks can affect the length of the surgery. Usually it can take 4 to 5 hours.

The plan for BBL surgery with the health and beauty travel organization is as follows.

BBL Surgery Plan

  • A 6 night travel plan is prepared with our patient.
  • All necessary tests and examinations are performed before surgery.
  • The areas in the back, stomach and waist  areas of the side bagel are designed for liposuction.
  • The shape to be given to the buttocks is decided by meeting the patient with the doctor. 
  • 2 nights are accommodated in a fully equipped private hospital.
  • 4 nights of rest at the hotel. They are processed every day.
  • A draining massage is performed the day before returning home.

BBL Post

It is normal to have body aches, especially in the first two days after BBL surgery. You can go through the normal process faster by moving more. There may be occasional weakness and dizziness. It is important to consume plenty of water and to eat food.

You may need to wear your corset for 6 weeks after BBL surgery. A corset is very important for your body to properly take shape and get rid of your edemema quickly.

You will receive a BBL pillow after the BBL operation. Your experts will explain how to use the bbl pillow.

We will recommend you to use the BBL pillow with the corset. The bbl pillow is of great importance to keep your hips properly.

Risks And Losses Associated with BBL Surgery

Of course, BBL surgery comes with risks. In fact, each surgery comes with certain risks. The important thing is to apply the rules that will reduce this level of risk.

  • The proportion of fat to be extracted from the body is within the specified limits.
  • Store the extracted fats in a special closed system , mix with an antibiotic solution and filter
  • Give fat by distributing it to the hips
  • Give fat to muscle, not to muscle

It is possible to reduce the risks. But it is impossible to eradicate it completely. We must not forget that any surgery involves risks. The complications listed below can be seen in plastic surgeries. 

  • Risk of embolism
  • Infection 
  • Hematoma

For the situations listed above, the patient and the doctor must act in accordance with the necessary precautions.

  • Hospital, operating room hygiene
  • Your post-operative medications are not neglected
  • The home care process is not interrupted
  • Using embolism socks 
  • Avoid smoking
  • Pay attention to nutrition
  • Consume a lot of water
  • Practice
  • Using a special pillow to protect the buttocks area

Surgeries Combined with BBL Surgery

BBL surgery is performed with liposuction. In particular, the fat in the back, stomach and waist is removed and injected into parts of the butt after a special process. With BBL, many surgeries such as abdominal surgery, breast augmentation surgery, bichectomy, double chin aesthetics can be combined.

BBL Surgery Price

The price of BBL may differ in many clinics, hospitals,organization companies.There are several reasons for this.

  • Doctor’s experience in BBL surgery
  • The hospital where the BBL surgery will be performed.
  • You hotel
  • Other services to be provided (medicines, BBL pillow, assistance, interpreter, massage,VIP transfer, breakfast, accompanying costs)

Before BBL surgery, each procedure should be prepared in contract form and everything that is included in the package should be written down individually. Any additional expenses should be reported to you.

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