What is the Difference Between a Dentist and a Cosmetic Dentist?

Dentist and a Cosmetic Dentist

Indeed, there were not as many different fields in dentistry a couple of years ago as there are today. Consequently, cosmetic dentistry is also relatively new and is centered on improving facial appearance, while the aspect of general dentistry is heavily focused on treatment and prevention of dental problems. 

It is essential to understand the distinction between both as it helps one easily avail the appropriate dental treatment. Therefore, let us take a deeper look at it. 

Difference Between Cosmetic Dentist and General Dentist 

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that is focused on directing dental esthetics. It mainly concentrates on repairing worn, discolored, broken, chipped, stained teeth and dental gaps. On the contrary, general dentistry revolves around dealing with dental problems related to discomfort, dental pain, and oral hygiene. 

It generally includes procedures like root canal treatment,  cavity filling, as well as tooth extraction procedures. Consulting professional dentist Glenview or anywhere around the world can help people avail of primary dental health care irrespective of their age. 

Some general dentists also provide treatment for gingivitis to their patients and the more severe condition of periodontitis. Whereas consulting a cosmetic dentist Glenview can help people get a brighter smile as it is basically a makeover for your smile. The different services served by cosmetic dentists include:

  1. Dental bonding.
  2. Dental crowns.
  3. Dental implants.
  4. Dental bridges.
  5. Inlays and Onlays.
  6. Teeth whitening.
  7. Dental veneers.


Essential Differences Between Cosmetic Dentistry And General Dentistry

  1. Primary Difference

If you look at it, the main difference which distinguishes general and cosmetic dentistry is the aspect where people are concerned about how their teeth look, then they can opt for cosmetic dentistry. This will be very helpful as cosmetic dentistry provides aesthetic results of the highest quality. 

On the contrary, general dentists are specialized in dealing with the elementary dental requirements of an individual. Both general and cosmetic dentists are equipped with the skills and knowledge to fill our cavity, but cosmetic dentists are only focused on the visual appearance of the teeth, and often dentists use a complex filling that blends with the teeth’ color. 

In general terms, a cosmetic dentist is a curative dentist who has the art of enhancing a patient’s facial appearance.

  1. Similarities

Now, if you look at it, both the professions do have their individualities, reports from cosmetic dentistry Glenview suggest that sometimes, both general and cosmetic dentistry have a common view under certain conditions. 

For instance, if you have a decaying tooth, it needs to be removed. The operation is performed by a general dentist to preserve and protect against the spreading decay. 

But upon removal, the smile of a person seems to be slightly changed. Under such a situation, you can opt for porcelain veneers that are set by a cosmetic dentist. Eventually, both the professions are inter-related to an extent. 

Final Thoughts

As we already know, each person has unique facial characteristics, including their smile, which is the most important appearance that seeks others’ attention. However, a smile is very personal and relates directly to the person’s facial structure, gender, style, and character. 

General dentists should not be restricted or neglected by particular requirements. Instead, we should consider them as valuable instructions for creating a smile that suits any specific requirement of a patient. 

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