What to do if you accidentally drank milk before colonoscopy?

What to do if you accidentally drank milk before colonoscopy?

What is a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is an endoscopic examination of the colon using an endoscope, which is performed by an endoscopist. During a colonoscopy, the doctor examines the entire colon from the inside, which includes the rectum, sigmoid, descending, transverse and ascending colon, cecum, and sometimes, if indicated, and the terminal section of the small intestine ( ileoscopy).

When and why should you have a colonoscopy?

If you have anxiety symptoms: (colonoscopy should be performed as soon as possible):

  • discharge of blood and / or mucus from the rectum
  • changes in the nature of the stool (for example, constipation followed by diarrhea and vice versa)
  • pain or bloating, especially long-term and almost constant
  • increased fatigue, weakness, unmotivated prolonged increase in temperature
  • weight loss, decreased appetite
  • anemia (low hemoglobin), increased ESR, increased specific tumor markers
  • laboratory detection of occult blood in feces
  • with alarming results of other examination methods (ultrasound, CT, MRI)

Colonoscopy is the best method for preventing colon cancer, occupying 3-4 places in Russia among the causes of mortality from cancer. It is estimated that prophylactic (screening) colonoscopy saves 30,000 lives annually in the United States. The purpose of a screening colonoscopy is to detect colon polyps that do not cause any complaints, but grow over time, turning into malignant tumors. Therefore, the method of dealing with colon cancer is the removal of polyps, which is carried out during a colonoscopy using an endoscope and special instruments.

How to prepare for a colonoscopy?

What you need to do so that the study is not wasted and the doctor can see all parts of your intestine – choose one of two preparation options:

Only absolutely exact fulfillment of the preparation requirements guarantees the completeness and information content of the study.

First option:

  • Buy FLIT PHOSPHO-SODA at the pharmacy
  • Follow the instructions in the drug package carefully. The entire preparatory complex should be carried out at home.
  • You can drink sweet tea 2-3 hours before the study.
  • Preparation with Fleet is preferable

1-2 days before the study, a slag-free diet is recommended (limit fresh vegetables and fruits, black bread).

Second option:

Preparation using FORTRANS  (sometimes poorly tolerated by patients)

  • On the eve of the study – the last meal (light lunch) from 14.00 to 16.00.
  • Reception of Fortrans begins 1.5-2 hours after lunch. The entire preparatory complex should be carried out at home. The package contains 4 bags. Each bag is dissolved in 1 liter of water. The prepared solution is taken for an hour, 1 glass for 15 minutes. The total volume of the liquid is 4 liters. A sign of good bowel preparation is a clear or slightly colored fluid after the last dose of Fortrans. In case of severe nausea, you can drink it with juice without pulp.
  • If you are registered for the study after 13.00, you can drink 2-3 liters of solution in the evening before the examination and 1-2 liters in the morning on the day of the examination (4 liters in total), having finished taking Fortrans 3-4 hours before the procedure.
  • If you are taking important medications on a daily basis (for lowering blood pressure, heart medications, etc.), you must take them.
  • Take with you all available medical documentation (referral, data from previous studies, etc.).

If you have accidentally drunk milk before colonoscopy then what to do?

The normal procedure and preparation requires that you simply should avoid alcohol and drinks you can see through, like milk or fruit juice. Before the procedure of colonoscopy, make certain to not eat or drink anything about 2 to 4 hours.

However, if you mistakenly drank milk before colonoscopy process begins, which may not be created any issue consistent with new research. A little randomized study reported during a poster at the American College of Gastroenterology 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting found that a full diet including milk, yogurt, pudding, fruit and veggie juices or maybe frozen dessert, was even as good as a more restricted clear diet.

Doctors doing exams didn’t know what patients had clear liquids only and who need to eat a total diet, but rated them equally effective, in satisfactorily cleansing the colon.

In addition, the amount of patients where polyps were found wasn’t different in two diets. One patient on a clear and transparent diet wasn’t able to end the prep- which also included two or three liters of MoviPrep.

Researches, led by Ellen Gutkin, Do At ny Hospital Queens, randomized 34 patients preparing for a colonoscopy subsequent day to either a standard clear diet or a totally diet that included milk, milkshakes, creamed soup, pudding, cream, fruit and vegetable juices, yogurt, and frozen dessert. Even with more food choices, there was no any difference in patient fulfilment.

The team concluded that their study demonstrates that a total diet doesn’t worsen bowel preparation, decrease the power to detect polyps, or increase total colonoscopy time, in comparison with a transparent diet. Overall a Patient’s fulfilment scores were similar for full liquid diets.

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If you accidently drank milk before colonoscopy, because it often happens, research suggests that it’s not going to be a big deal in any case. it’s included within the list of foods categorized as low residue. However, inform your physician that you simply have had milk and that they can decide if they need to reschedule your colon examination.

Bottom line, your mistake doesn’t necessarily mean your examination cannot continue.

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