Why You Should Think About Changing to White Fillings?

Changing to White Fillings

White fillings are better and more attractive because they resemble the colour of teeth and are unnoticeable. We should consider changing to white fillings. White fillings are significant because no one will be able to notice them when you’re speaking.

Today’s white fillings are much more reliable and long-lasting than those of yesteryear. In most dental clinics today, white fillings have replaced silver ones because they look more natural and are more durable. 

What is a White Filing?

A white dental filling is made of a synthetic resin mixture known as composite resin, and it is the material of choice for fillings today. They are popular these days as they have a natural white colour that mixes in with the original colour of teeth.

They are good for the front of the mouth because they keep silver flashes from happening when you laugh in front of other people. 

Are white fillings better?

Since the 19th century, silver fillings have been used as efficient dental treatment.

For a variety of reasons, fillings are indicated as a viable therapeutic option. To save a tooth, the best option is to get decayed teeth repaired. White fillings Woodford can provide white fillings as a cosmetic alternative to silver fillings to restore the function of your teeth. Your dentist will answer your questions before beginning treatment.

In the past few decades, white fillings have become more and more common. Metal fillings were commonly employed in dental work in the past. Many people like white fillings because they look more natural, while others like composite fillings because they are safe and have less of an impact on the environment.

Should I replace my silver filling with white filling?

While it is possible to replace silver fillings if you have any, you are under no obligation to. In good condition, your fillings will remain in place. Your fillings may need to be replaced if they’re damaged or have been there for a long time, and you prefer white fillings.

There are many options available to you if you have old fillings that need replacing.

Pros and Cons of White Fillings


  • White fillings are attractive because they are nearly unnoticeable as they match the colour of the teeth.
  • White fillings, which are attached directly to the tooth, offer patients with broken teeth an alternative to silver fillings because they can restore the tooth’s shape. 


  • White fillings are relatively weaker than silver fillings and may last less time.
  • Silver fillings are typically more costly than white fillings.

Do white fillings turn yellow?
Depending on your daily diet, the white composite filling can turn yellow. In the majority of cases, the discolouration is only visible on the surface and is readily remedied. 

The most important thing is to maintain good teeth health by going to the dentist on a regular basis. 


Both white and silver fillings will do the work, but which one you prefer will depend on your concerns and personal preferences. The best thing to do is consult with your dentist about which option is best for you or your kids. So, why should you think about changing to white fillings? The answer is that white fillings are tooth-coloured and can be merged to match the appearance of your teeth by your dentist.

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